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10 Ways To Fix the PS4 lagging and Freezing Issues 

Fix the PS4 lagging and take your gaming to the next level! 

Playstation 4 is no doubt a fast and popular gaming console. However, it sometimes lets the users face some issues while playing their favourite games. And it’s the most annoying and irritating phase for a gamer to get stuck in the middle of a game. These issues can be freezing during installation, game lagging, or console shutting down during a game. But no worries, you can still regain the smooth gaming experience on your PS4 console by fixing the PS4 lagging and freezing issues.

Keep on reading to know the significant causes of lagging and freezing on your PS4 console and the maximum ways to fix it.

Why does PS4 Lagging and Freezing Occur?

There can be so many reasons for PS4 lagging and freezing problems such as:

  • A cluttered or corrupted database
  • Interrupted internet connection
  • Occupied storage
  • Firmware bugs
  • Clogged data and cache
  • Software glitches
  • Faulty hardware or hard disk drives
  • An overcrowded home screen
  • Too many notifications and messages

Whichever one became the cause of PS4 lagging, now you want to fix it? So, no stop, you can!

How to Fix PS4 Lagging and Freezing?

Whenever the problem is related to software, you have the advantage of troubleshooting in different ways. So, here we will suggest 10 ways to fix or troubleshoot the PS4 lag problem.

Fix #1 Restart your Console

Whatever issue you are facing with your PC or a console, it is the utmost and first advice to restart it. Even if you contact Customer Support, they would also question, did you have a Restart and check if it’s working again? So, a complete restart may solve a lot of issues. Here is how you can restart your console:

Restart your Console

  1. Press and hold the PS button/Power button on your PS4 Controller.
  2. The screen will appear with the 3 Power Options.
  3. Click on the second option, “Turn Off PS4”. After that, the power light on your PS4 will turn off.
  4. Now, Remove the Power cables from the console and the power outlet.
  5. Keep it off and wait for around 10 seconds.
  6. Directly, plug back the cords into the PS4.
  7. Press the PS button to turn it On.

Check now by playing a game if it doesn’t lag. If you still face the PS4 lag issue, then apply the given below steps.

Fix #2 Improve Internet Connection

A slow or interrupted internet connection can cause lags during gameplay on the console.

Improve Internet Connection

  1. Turn off other devices on your Wi-Fi connection to avoid interruption.
  2. Move your console close to the Wi-Fi router to catch maximum and high-speed signals.
  3. Try a Wi-Fi signal booster or a Faster DNS.
  4. Try using a wired connection or Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi.

Setting Up Ethernet

Following are the steps to connect PS4 to Ethernet.

  • Download the Google Namebench to any of your PC to get the list of available and fastest nameservers.
  • Go to Settings on your PS4, and click on Network.
  • Under the Network, click on the option Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Now select the option, Use a LAN Cable. This will open a new screen.
  • Select Custom and enter the data provided by the Namebench of your network and then select “Automatic” and Do Not Use.
  • Check if it is updated.

Setting Up Port Forwarding

  • Firstly, check the data of your router including Username, IP address, and Password.
  • Now, open the browser and type the IP address of the wireless router.
  • After that, enter the Username and password and click on the Login Option.
  • Navigate through the port forwarding settings in the port section and add an IP address, for this: Click on the settings, move to Network, and then View Connection Status.
  • Now add the UDP and TCP Port Forwarding rules for the numbers: 80, 443, 1935, 3478, 3479, and 3480.
  • Use NAT Type 2 and you are done.

Fix #3 Check Playstation Servers

Check Playstation Servers

You may face PS4 lagging because of the corrupted Playstation Network servers. If you do not servers are working well or not, go to the PSN status page, and check the status of the servers if they are available, if not then wait for the team to undergo maintenance. Check if there is nothing wrong with the servers then you can opt for the given below steps.

Fix #4 Clean PS4 Gaming Console

You may face heating and performance issues if you do not regularly clean your console. The reason is because of the accumulation of dust, you are giving a slow death to your PS4 console. And that’s why you often face PS4 lag and freeze problems.

Clean PS4 Gaming Console

  1. Remove the cords of the console from the power supply.
  2. Take a microfiber cloth, remove the outer cover and clean it.
  3. Now clean all the ports using a compressed and thin straw. (Make sure to keep it 6-8 inches away to avoid moisture getting into the console)
  4. Clean the dust on the fan with the help of your finger.
  5. Now unscrew the black cover, and take a cotton cloth to clean the internal components of the console.
  6. Let it stay open for an hour and then reassemble your console.

Fix #5 Free up Space

Crowded space on the Hard drive can decrease the performance of a console. To keep the console working at a fast speed and avoid PS4 lag problems, then free up some space. Once you delete unnecessary data including applications, games, temporary files, or cache, you can experience the fast performance of the console.

Free up Space

Deleting Applications:

  1. Navigate to PS4 Settings and select System Storage Management and you’ll see these Categories: Applications, Capture Gallery, Saved Data, and Themes.
  2. 2. Click on Applications to delete the apps and unnecessary games. Select the app or game you want to delete and hit the Delete Button.

Deleting Cache Data:

Note: If you want to delete cache data, make sure you back it up before deleting it.

  1. Navigate to PS4 Settings and go to Application Saved Data.
  2. Select Saved Data and click Copy to the USB storage.
  3. Now, move back to settings and select Saved Data again, and hit Delete Button.

Fix #6 Check the Hard Drive

Faulty hard drives can also cause trouble in console performance. So, check out your drive to avoid lag and freeze problems.

  1. Turn off PS4 by holding the PS button for 7 seconds until you hear a beep sound.
  2. Remove the power cords from the console.
  3. Also, remove the Hard Disk by slightly moving it out and away from the system.
  4. Check if it is properly screwed. If it is not, replace it with a new one.

Fix #7 Revamp Database

A clogged database can dull the performance of a console making it slow and inefficient. Or databases can also become corrupted. In bit cases, you can see the PS4 lag problem. To fix it, rebuild the database.

  1. Turn off your PS4 through the PS button. Click Power and then click Turn Off PS4.
  2. Hold the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a beep. Again press it for 7 seconds to boot into Safe mode.
  3. Now, connect your PS4 controller to a USB cable because the wireless function (Bluetooth) is not active in Safe Mode.
  4. Under Safe mode, scroll down and select Rebuild Database.
  5. Now data scanning in your drive will start.
  6. Wait until the new database builds.

When it is completed, check if the PS4 lag is fixed or not.

Fix #8 Update the PS4

It is necessary to have the latest version of PS4 because it rolls out better performance.

System update:

  1. Navigate to Settings on the PS4 console.
  2. Under the settings, click System Software Update.
  3. Click Update Now and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to update it and wait for completion.

If you are not able to update PS4 from the above steps, then follow the alternate manual method.

Manual method:

  1. Take a USB and create a folder in it with the name PS4. Create another subfolder with the name Update.
  2. Download the PS4 update through this link:
  3. Keep the downloaded file in the Update folder.
  4. Turn off the PS4 and Insert the USB into the PS4 USB port.
  5. Hold the power button until safe mode gets Active.
  6. Under Safe mode, click Update System Software.
  7. Wait for completion.

After the update, see if there is still any lag or freeze issue.

Fix #9 Initialize PS4

After doing the above steps, now there is a need to initialize the PS4.

  1. Open Settings through the main screen of PS4.
  2. Scroll down and click on Initialization under the lists of other settings.
  3. Initialization has 3 options: Select 3rd one, and Initialise PS4.
  4. Further, select “Full” among two options, Quick and Full.
  5. Follow the instructions that pop up on the screen.
  6. Once the process is done, restore and backup data and reinstall games.
  7. Start using PS4 again!

Fix #10 Get Customer Support.

After applying the above fixes, if you still can’t get rid of the PS4 lag problem, then immediately contact Customer Support. They will check and let you know of the actual problem and will help you to fix it.

However, there are still additional and simple fixes you can go through to ensure your PS4 doesn’t lag.

Other Easy Fixes for PS4 Lagging

If you are still facing issues, then do these steps. As a result, you might get the most help and keep running your console at a fast speed.

  • Manage the home screen of your console by reducing the number of apps on it.
  • Delete the unnecessary notifications.
  • Delete the excessive messages.
  • Check the ventilation of your PS4 console not to let it heat too much. In this way, there will be enough room for air to pass in and out.
  • Charge the console controllers. The PS4 lagging might be because of the low charge.


After going through the above guide, you have solved half of your problem. Now applying the ways we suggested will surely help you get rid of the PS4 lag problem. And at last, you’ll get back to the fast gaming experience without any lag or freezing issues on your gaming console.

Enjoy a smooth gaming session!

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