4 Most Popular Themes for Better Discord 

If you are someone who values aesthetics, Discord’s dark and light theme can get boring quickly. However, you may not be aware that you can in fact change that. There are various custom themes that you can use to brighten your Discord Interface.

The only catch is that there is no direct way to add themes on Discord. Thus, to avail of this feature, you have to download Better Discord. 

BetterDiscord is a modified version of the original application. Through it, you can apply custom background, plugins, and themes to your original Discord server. Hence, if this has caught your interest, keep on reading which are the most popular themes for Better Discord.

Frosted Glass Theme 

Frosted Glass Theme

If you are into sophisticated aesthetics, then the frosted glass theme may be right up your alley. Under this theme, you can upload any picture of your choice through the CSS file option. It then appears as if you are viewing it through frosted glass.

Moreover, if you have no picture of your preference, Better Discord has a default image itself. The default image is quite aesthetic, and overall compliments the vibe of any Discord server.



If you are a fan of the neon or RGB aesthetic, then the Discord+ theme would be suitable for you. The default theme has a futuristic look to it due to the neon red overlay with a faded red and black background.

Additionally, it creates a partition between individual sections with neon red stripes. Thus, not only is it cool, but it has a friendly user interface as well.

Moreover, Discord+ has a lot of customizable features, such as the size and shape of icons, cover colors, etc. Hence, you can optimize it according to your preferences. Even the theme itself provides you with the second option of a white overlay. However, whichever one you choose, your discord server will have a sleek look to it.


If you are a gamer or an avid anime watcher, this theme would be fantastic for you. The advantage of this theme is its flexible customizability, which adds a fresh variation to the Discord user interface.

Through this theme, you can switch how many columns appear for the server list in the left sidebar. You can choose from a single up to a quadruple column format. Furthermore, you can add a background image of your choice from the CSS file, although it does have a default image.


Duality is definitely for those who value the minimalistic aesthetic. Its classy look is due to the pop-out effect of the elements that the theme features. Moreover, you can never go wrong with the faded white and black contrast.

To further add to it, it has a transparent design feature that has a Zen quality to it, which would be useful after a hectic gaming session. Duality’s sophistication, truly makes it one of the most downloadable themes available on Better Discord.


Better discord truly has an upper hand over the official version because of its aesthetic design features. Through it, users can experiment with their creativity and construct a UI that is pleasing to their eye. Moreover, you can further manage your server by involving Discord’s plugins in the interface for a more interactive experience.

Hence, it is no wonder why Better Discord is growing in popularity, and the above themes have achieved thousands of downloads.

Through these themes, you can construct a personalized mood board, which is appealing to all segments of the online Discord community. However, you can check various themes that Better Discord offers to its multiple users.

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