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4 Simple Solutions To Fix Function Keys Not Working in Windows 10/11

Function keys play an integral part in everyday tasks. With their help, the computer’s speed multiplies. Through function keys, you can access specific actions, instead of following the whole procedure. These function keys are on the uppermost part of the keyboard, from F1 to F12. Most of the time they work fine.

However, there are complaints of function key not working in windows that have occurred often, especially in Windows 10/11. So today we are going to tell you, 4 simple solutions to fix function keys not working on windows 10/11.

Check for drivers update

Most of the time the computer losses some of its functionality due to the outdated driver software. This also happens with the function keys. Think of it as the computer way of saying please update the drivers or fix function keys not working in Windows 10/11.

Here is how you can update the drivers in Windows 10:

  • Type Device Manager in the search space of the taskbar below. Search for the Keyboard option after opening the device manager.
  • Expand the keyboard and one by one update all the drivers. You can do that by right-clicking the contents of the keyboard panel.

For Windows 11:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select the windows update panel.
  • Select the ‘Advance option’.
  • There you will find an optional updates panel. Click on it and there you will find a list of drivers available for update.
  • Select your desired driver, in this case, keyboard driver, and click on download/ install.

Check whether the function key is disabled

Sometimes we accidentally press certain keys which might have some consequences. These consequences might not be noticed because there is no notification of them. So before trouble shouting your function keys, look out if they are enabled or not.

To enable the Function key you can press FN with F1 or FN with F11. On the other hand for dell devices, you have to press FN with ESC. IF you are confused about which key would enable your function key, look out for the lock symbol on them. However, if you are confused still, then search the internet for your specified model.

After pressing the required two keys,  check if the function keys are working. If they are not, move on to other solutions.

Check for the filter keys

Filter keys are there to prevent repetitive key press. This option is usually for situations when keys are pressed unintentionally or accidentally. It is unlikely that the filter key might be filtering your function key press. However, sometimes it can happen due to aggressive use of function keys.

To turn off the filter key:

  • Open control panel and select ease of access center.
  • Find the panel ‘Make the keyboard easier to use.
  • Locate the filter key option and untick the box.
  • Lastly, save changes.

Check human interface device services

Sometimes it happens that your HID services might get disabled. This disability can hinder the performance of your function key or can even stop it. Visit the control panel to make sure that HID services are enabled.

To enable them:

  • Search for Computer management in the taskbar search panel and open it.
  • On the left-hand side, you will see Services and applications. Expand that panel and select the services option.
  • Locate Human interfaces device services and right-click on them to open properties.
  • There, select start in the ‘Services status‘ and set the startup type to automatic
  • Save changes
  • Reset the PC and check if the Function keys are working.

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