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5 Top Effective Ways to Fix Snaps Stuck on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps of the 21st century and the Gen Z population can’t even think of living without it. Snapchat allows you to send pics, messages, and even videos in no time. However, many times your snaps get stuck. At those moments you just wished you knew ways to fix snaps stuck on Snapchat.

Whenever your snaps get stuck, the app will not allow you to maintain your streaks or chat with your loved ones. If your streaks break due to this problem, we understand it will be the most frustrating thing for you. But worry not, we got your back and brought to you only effective ways to help you fix snaps stuck on Snapchat.

Check If Your Internet Connection is working

Most apps, especially Snapchat, require a pretty stable and fast internet connection to work smoothly. So if your snaps are stuck it would be wise for you to check your connection or test your internet speed.

You can always try to load random pages on a web browser to check if your internet is working overall. If the page is loading the next step for you is to check the overall internet speed. There are a lot of apps available on the play store which can check your internet speed for you. If the internet connection is the culprit then wait for it to resolve, if not then move to another way of fixing the issue.

Clear Cache Of The App

There are a lot of unnecessary files which can be contributing to slowing down the Snapchat app. To get rid of those unwanted files you just have to clear the cache of the Snapchat app.

To complete this procedure, You just have to set the settings of the Snapchat app which you can find on your profile page. Click on clear cache and it will remove all the unnecessary files for you without damaging important data.

This method almost always works and makes your apps run smoother and faster.

Login Again

Snapchat sending snaps issue almost always disappears when you log out from Snapchat and log in again. Logging in again will refresh the Snapchat app which makes the application run without any lag. With this process you don’t have to restart your phone again which takes time, Logging in again does the same trick quicker.

Relocate Storage Directory

If by chance you have to change the storage location of Snapchat to external memory and after that, you are facing the issue of sending snaps then this relocation was the culprit. Internal memory is the default storage and changing it will cause the app to run abnormally.

You just have to relocate the Snapchat storage location to internal memory and this will surely resolve your issue. However, if you haven’t changed the directories but are still facing the issue then this fix isn’t for you.

Reinstall Snapchat

If nothing works then reinstalling Snapchat all over again is the last resort solution for your problem. Just like other apps, Snapchat can catch bugs that may slow down the app and restrict you from sending snaps.

Reinstalling the Snapchat app will refresh everything and eliminate any possible bugs. This method is fairly easy; you just have to uninstall the app and reinstall it from the play store. Remember to write down your username and password before installing since the app will require it to log you in.


We have described all the possible solutions which will help you to send your snaps and maintain your streaks. These are all the effective methods that can almost always resolve your problem. If by any chance this doesn’t work then it is time for you to check if the person you are sending messages has unfriended you. If you are not friends with the person then the gray icon will show with a pending sign indicating the person has unfriended you.

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