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Beginners Guide to Play Wordle in Excel Sheets

You must have seen posts of people sharing their scores in Wordle on social media platforms. This new trend of 2022 has got on everybody’s mind. If you still do not know about it, you are lagging.

Since there is no official app, independent developers introduced different variations. These variants are there to fill the void of the app. However, if you want to play from the official source, visit Wordle’s official site from a browser. In meantime, be wary of the fake apps that are available on the play store and apple store.

In Wordle, there is a five-lettered word which you have to guess in six chances. This game does not only entertains you but also tests you. As a result of extensive playing, you can get your vocabulary enhanced. However, if you are stuck at the office all day, worry not. You can also play it in Excell sheets without your boss knowing.

So embark on a journey with me to know Beginners’ guide to playing wordle in excel sheets.

Third-party app to download

To enable the Wordle in excel sheets, you will have to download Wordle. xlsm on your computer. You can click on this link to get to that software. Once the third-party app is downloaded, save it in your frequently used folder.

This app runs in the excel sheets after allowing macros. It has a long list of 5 letter words that would keep you busy for a long time. Plus, it has all the back-hand programming to allow you to guess words.

Steps to enable Wordle in excel sheets

  1. First of all, open the Excel sheets on your PC from the Start menu.  
  2. Locate an Options panel on the left side of the Excel and open the options.
  3. Once you are in the options, try to locate the Trust center there.
  4. When you find the Trust center, open it. There you will find the Macros option.
  5. It will be on your left. Then, enable all the macros.
  6. Now, it’s time to open the Xlms file that you downloaded.
  7. Once the file is opened, you will find a restart button. Click no it.
  8. You will see the 5 letterbox that indicates you are good to play now!


Keep one thing in mind that you can only play this in the offline version of excel on your Pc. If you try to use the online version or google sheets, this procedure will not work. This restriction is because the online sheets do not allow macros.

As told above, macros are the bridge that allows the third-party app into the excel sheets.

Moreover, Macros should be allowed very responsibly. If you allow any software from the internet to access excel through macros, it can be dangerous. There might be malicious code that might get run in your excel. As a result, destroying your important files.

Therefore, Always download third-party apps through trusted and well-known sites.

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