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How To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome

Anime lovers often complain that they see the Crunchyroll black screen on chrome. They see subtitles playing on the video player, but the screen goes black. The reason could be as simple as a poor network or as complex as hardware acceleration.

Whatever the cause is, Hack today is here with professional guidelines to help you out. This article will dive deep into the causes and solutions for fixing Crunchyroll’s black screen chrome. So, stay tuned!

Why Does Crunchyroll Black Screen On Chrome Occur?

Before performing the troubleshooting steps aimlessly, we’ll figure out the root cause of the black screen on Crunchyroll google chrome. Finding a solution will be easier if you identify the culprit behind this error.

  • Browser cache data
  • Browser algorithm glitch
  • Crunchyroll website glitch
  • Poor internet connection
  • browser extension clash
  • Incorrect upload of the episode
  • Hardware acceleration setting

Methods To Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen Issue On Chrome?

Here comes the awaited part of this guide post. Now that you know what probable factors could be the culprit, you can apply the following fixes accordingly.

1. Check The Server

You might see a black screen on Crunchyroll due to server downtime. When the server is under maintenance, you won’t be able to stream the content on Crunchyroll.

You can check the server status by visiting Downdetector. Another alternative way is by going to the official Twitter account of Crunchyroll to get updates about the server status.

2. Check Internet Connection

If your internet connection is unstable, it causes a hindrance in online streaming. Hence, you see a Crunchyroll black screen on chrome. Fixing your connectivity can instantly get you out of trouble.

  1. Type on google to learn what’s your current internet speed. If it’s too slow, try switching the network to a faster one.
  2. If you use mobile data, put your phone on airplane mode for a few seconds and turn it off. It gives a boost to your network connectivity.
  3. If you use a router, you can plug the power supply out, let the router rest for a few minutes, and plug in the power supply again. It helps the modem/router to start afresh.

3. Remove Chrome Extensions

Sometimes, chrome extensions conflict with the websites’ algorithms. Consequently, your website gives some errors, such as a Crunchyroll black screen error. However, removing these extensions can fix this error. Here is how to do so.

  1. Launch Google Chrome on your device.
  2. Click the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Now, select More tools > Extensions. It will open a new window page.
  4. On this page, click the Remove option below every extension. Crunchyroll black screen on chrome -

4. Change Or Update The Browser

Your browser could be the culprit behind Crunchyroll’s black screen error. For confirmation, try using the app on a different browser. If you are using chrome, launch the app on Firefox or Edge.

An outdated browser version can also lead to a black screen on your Crunchyroll app. Update the browser to the latest version and check if it fixes the problem for you.

5. Clear Cache Files

The browser can accumulate excess data that includes cache and cookies. It’s the number one cause of content blockage while streaming Crunchyroll. Removing the cache files can fix this error for you.

  1. Go to chrome and type chrome://settings/ in the search bar.
  2. Select Privacy and security from the menu on the left panel.Crunchyroll black screen on chrome -
  3. Now click on Clear browsing data.
  4. Select All time from the drop-down menu at the top.
  5. Finally, click on Clear data. black screen on Crunchyroll -

6. Try A Different Episode

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the browser or our device. However, there is an error in the episode we’re trying to watch. We have to wait for the website to fix the error.

To check if that’s the case, try streaming a different episode on Crunchyroll and see if the same black screen error persists or not. If yes, then move to the upcoming fixing method.

7. Update/Reinstall The App

Using an older version of Crunchyroll can cause glitches like the screen turning black while streaming. It happens because the app version doesn’t support the episode you’re watching. In this case, update the app to the latest version.

If updating Crunchyroll doesn’t fix the error, try reinstalling the app and logging into your account to see if the black screen error persists.

8. Use A Different Device

If it’s not the browser or the faulty episode causing this error, there is something wrong with your device. Either it’s incompatible with the Crunchyroll app or has a hardware issue.

The simple solution is to use a different device to stream Crunchyroll. If you’re currently trying to stream on mobile, switch to an iPad or PC. It can be helpful to eradicate the Crunchyroll black screen error.

9. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration means the websites become heavier because of the tools and services they start offering. The browser finds it hard to run all the content and fails to play the Crunchyroll video episodes. Disabling hardware acceleration can help fix this error.

  1. Open Google Chrome and type chrome://settings/ in the search bar.
  2. Here, click System and deselect “Use hardware acceleration when available.” 
  3. Now click the Relaunch option to complete the process.

10. Remove Anti-Virus Or Firewall Software

Although anti-virus protects your PC to defend against harmful programs, sometimes, it’s the root cause of the error. Anti-virus might detect web content streaming as a threat and block it for safety reasons.

Remove the anti-virus or Firewall software from your PC and see if it impacts the content streaming or not. As this method has worked for many, it will also work for you.

10. Contact Crunchyroll Help Center

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above but are still stuck on the same issue, it is time to seek professional help. Contact the Crunchyroll support team for assistance.

Tell them all the details of the black screen error and the troubleshooting steps you’ve performed. It will help them fix the issue faster.


The black screen on Crunchyroll has troubled many users. But not anymore. This article explains the reasons and solutions to fix black screen on chrome.

The most common causes for this error are the browser cache files and the outdated app version. You can also use a VPN to stream content that isn’t supported in your region.

Hopefully, this guide post has benefited you to fix the black screen on Crunchyroll and help you avoid such issues in the future.

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