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How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working Error

If the Nintendo Switch dock not working, you’ll have to play games on the little screen. Your first impulse is to take it to the service center and check your warranty.

Causes of Switch Dock not working

We studied several user case situations. After inspecting each situation, we tested it on our own unit and compiled a list of possible causes.

For these reasons, the Switch Dock may not work with your Nintendo Switch:

  • An incorrect cable sequence affects the Dock’s behavior. You can connect the cords as this fix might resolve your error. Another option is to take your peripheral to a Nintendo repair center (but first, make sure this is a real error.
  • Since the Switch Dock is used to charge your Nintendo Switch, the power cord may not be supplying enough power to the peripheral. The fixes below cover numerous aspects.
  • Check the HDMI if you can’t connect your Switch Dock to your TV. HDMI problems prevent connection.
  • You can hook up the Switch Dock to a power outlet. This is likely because it needs a lot of electricity to work. If your computer has a bad configuration, the Switch Dock won’t work or will work intermittently.

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

1. Put the switch dock cables in the right order

The order in which the dock’s cables are put is one of the most prevalent reasons for the Nintendo Switch dock not working. There is a right sequence in which to put everything, for whatever reason. If you make a mistake, the Switch will still turn on, but no signal will be sent to the TV.

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

Here is what you can do:

  1. To begin, unhook all cables from the Switch system and remove them from the dock.
  2. Connect the power cord to the outlet on the wall and the Nintendo Switch dock to the power supply.
  3. Attach the HDMI wire to the television and link the HDMI wire to the docking station.
  4. Last but not least, place the Switch console in the dock.

You should only have to go through this step once if you don’t move your dock. If you do, make sure that every time the system is moved, all of the cables are inserted in the same order. It’s unclear why this is necessary, but it appears to alleviate the problem of missing video in the vast majority of cases.

2. Experiment with different cords and power outlets

If none of the following suggestions works, you may have a problem with your HDMI cable or power cable.

Check the cords you’re using for damage and make sure they’re in good shape. You can also replace the cables with ones that you are confident will function.

If this approach doesn’t work, double-check the Switch console and your dock’s connection port.

3. Inspect the dock port and Switch console connections

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

The first step is to see whether there are any breaks or bends in the port’s pins. If you don’t have access to bright light, you may just set the dock and console in one to see the ports clearly. You can stretch the pins out on your own if there are any concerns. However, you might want to consult a local specialist to see if they can help you instead. One of the pins cannot be permanently attached if it breaks.

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If this happens, you will be unable to fix your switch console and will need to have it entirely re-engineered by an expert. If your pins appear to be in good condition and you were able to adjust them correctly.

4. Restart your Nintendo switch

If your console displays only blinking or flashing green lights, then you should reboot. Before you do that, make a backup of your data on the Switch. When performing a power cycle on your Nintendo Switch, make sure to follow these steps:

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

  1. In the dock, place the Switch console.
  2. Disconnect your dock’s cords.
  3. For 15-20 seconds, push and hold the power button.
  4. Wait 1-2 minutes before reactivating the Switch.
  5. Cables should be attached to the dock in the exact same manner as in the first set of instructions.
  6. Plug the power cable in first, followed by the HDMI cable.
  7. Turn on your Nintendo Switch when it is docked.

5. Check Power Supply

If the Switch dock isn’t working at this point, make sure the unit is getting adequate power. Plugin another gadget to troubleshoot the power outlet. If the other device works properly, it simply means that the power source isn’t the problem. If the other gadget does not charge, try a different power outlet.

6. Replace the Switch Dock/TV with a new one

Nintendo Switch Dock Not Working

If the Switch dock or TV/monitor is verified to be defective, you can change the device as a long-term remedy. However, rule out all other possible causes of docking issues first. A specialist may recommend that you change the TV/monitor or the Switch dock after an inspection.


How to fix a black Nintendo Switch screen?

The Black Nintendo Switch screen is pretty common. The easiest thing to do is to power off, reopen, and unplug both AC adapters. Once you are done, press the power button for 15 secs.

Why is my Nintendo Switch dock not working?

If your Nintendo switch docking station not working, there are several possible causes. Here are some:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Low charging
  • Misplaced cables
  • HDMI problems
  • Cable malfunction

What should be done if the Nintendo Switch Dock fails to operate after the update?

The Switch Dock may have ceased operating after you received updates, or the upgrades may include flaws. Connectivity issues, HDMI issues, defective cables, low charge, and wrong cable arrangement may prevent the Nintendo Switch Dock from working.

Why is the Nintendo Switch Dock not working no green light?

Not blinking indicates the connection is unstable or nonexistent. You need to press the power button for 30 seconds to reboot. After that, plug in all the wires to link the display to the Nintendo Switch.

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