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Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005-0003 – An Ultimate Guide to Fix and Avoid it

As the best-selling console game system, Nintendo Switch can support various gameplay types. However, for some reason, a number of people may encounter multiple error codes on their switch consoles when they try to download a new game or update.

You may meet the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005-0003 on your console in such a case. In this troubleshooting article, I will explain why this specific error occurs and how you can fix and avoid it.

What Error Code 2005-0003 Is About?

The console owners run into this error code while downloading a system update or new game on their Nintendo Switch. The error code 2005-0003 signals issues related to the active MicroSD card. Users often experience it when their console system is not updated or use a generic or low-quality MicroSD card.

The good thing is that it’s a common problem, and there are several ways to fix it in minutes!

How to Fix Error Code 2005-0003?

Below are various methods based on each of the possible scenarios you may encounter while dealing with switch error 2005-0003. Follow these to troubleshoot the error and get back to playing your favorite games on your Nintendo Switch console!

1. The Console System is Outdated

The first thing is to check whether the console is up to date. The outdated Switch console may trigger the error 2005-0003. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Select System Settings from the HOME menu.
  2. Scroll down through the left pane menu and select System.
  3. On the right pane, click System Update. The system will run a check to determine whether a new update is available or not. If an update is accessible, the download and update process will begin automatically.


2. Restart the Console

If your console system is already updated, restart it by holding down the Power Button for three seconds and choosing Restart from the Power Options.


3. MicroSD Card is Used

Try these steps if the problem still exists, and a MicroSD card is being used:

  • Ensure That the Card is Inserted Properly

Remove your MicroSD card after turning off the console and properly reseat it. Reboot the console and look for the error once again. If the problem persists, try repeating this step with a different MicroSD card.


  • See How Much Room is Available on The Card

The error code can also be displayed when the MicroSD card runs low on storage space. There are many deceptive SD cards on the market with far less storage capacity than they claim to have. Using this type of Memory Card with your console may be the problem causing the Error Code 2005-0003.

This means that you don’t have as much space as you think you do for the game to download or update properly.

You should use Disk Management or third-party utilities to verify the available space on your microSD card. To check space availability using disk management, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect your computer to the MicroSD card using a card reader or a cellphone.
  2. Press Windows + R key to open the Run window.
  3. In the Open input field, type diskmgmt.msc and click the OK button (or hit the Enter key). disk-management-command
  4. Pretty quickly, a new window will pop up, projecting your MicroSD card’s health status, capacity, and available space. If the actual space is really less than the marketed one, swap out or replace the MicroSD card as quickly as possible.


  • Check Whether The Card Is Damaged or Corrupted

Sometimes SD Cards get physically damaged or corrupted, making it impossible to write or read data on such a drive. Ensure that the card is not faulty by examining it physically or running a software check (as described in the previous fix) to verify that the card is working properly.

If you don’t have a spare MicroSD card or wish to use only that with your console, format the current one by following these steps.

  1. From the HOME menu, select System Settings.
  2. Slide down the left pane and choose System
  3. On the right pane, browse for Formatting Options.
  4. Select Format SD Card and click the Continue button to format the microSD card.
  5. The console will reboot after the format. Go on and try to download the game again. Hopefully, the error won’t show up again.


Note: The data on the MicroSD card will be erased entirely during the Nintendo Switch format sd card method. The files will not be recoverable once the process is completed. If you don’t want to lose any of the data on your SD card, consider creating a backup on your laptop or computer.

4. Error Still Persists

If you have tried all the fixes described above and are still facing the issue. Then consider;

  • Downloading the Game On The Console Memory

Remove the SD Card and download the game on system memory. Do this to confirm that there is no issue with the console itself. If the file still does not download and the error remains, try the last way out.

  • Getting Help to Repair The Console

If none of the quick fixes in this guide have worked out for your Nintendo Switch, then maybe your console is experiencing a more severe problem. It could be an unknown software bug or a hardware failure. If the switch error 2005-0003 persists and you cannot shake it, you will need to send the console for repair.

How to Avoid Getting Error Code 2005-0003?


1. Say No To Cheap/Generic or Flawed SD Cards

Using such cards often results in errors leading to data loss or corruption. This is because such cards are usually not made to the same high-quality standards as branded ones and, therefore, may contain flaws that could negatively impact performance and reliability.

So, it is advisable to purchase branded SD cards that are reliable and durable enough to withstand day-to-day use without any problems.

2. Ensure That The Console System Is Updated 

Keep checking for updates on your console from time to time, as new updates often come up with many bug fixes that help resolve several issues without much hassle.

Updating your system will also help keep your Nintendo Switch Console caught up with the latest features and security fixes so you can enjoy a smooth and successive gaming experience.

3. Don’t Disrupt Downloads

Interrupting or aborting a download midway is never a good practice as it causes a lot of problems with the device, which can even lead to permanent damage to hardware. The first thing that happens when you interrupt a download is that the device will stop the download and keep it in memory.

This piles up and takes a specific chunk on your storage drive, resulting in a memory shortage. So, never remove an SD card from your console during a download or update until you have confirmed the download has ended and installed properly.

Other Reasons Why Games Are Not Downloading on Your Nintendo Switch

Apart from the faulty memory issue, there can be many possible reasons for you to get the switch error 2005-0003. There may be a random software glitch or a bug by keeping the older update variants on your console.

Using an SD card without formatting may also trigger this problem, as there may be some malicious data that your console recognizes as a potential threat. So, it is better to keep your console updated and use a newly formatted MicroSD card to avoid such hassles. 


I hope this article has been handy in sorting out the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2005-0003 on your console device. However, if you cannot solve the problem on your own, feel free to contact Nintendo support for further assistance. Feel free to comment down any concerns in your mind relating to this guide. I will be more than happy to assist you.

Happy Gaming!

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