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Solved: Roku Remotes Not Working – 5 Super Easy Fixes

Need to figure out how to fix a broken Roku remote? Well, we’ve got some excellent news. Roku remotes are easy to use and understand because they are small and have few buttons. This is why the Roku Streaming Stick 4K is among the best streaming apps. But there are times when Roku won’t work and may get the Ruko remotes not working error. If the problem is your remote, here’s how to fix it.

Try new batteries if your Roku remote isn’t working. Before quitting up, try a few additional things. Read on to learn how to fix the Roku remotes not working issue.

Why Roku Remote Is Not Working

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a Roku remote, and some are easier to figure out than others. Most of the time, it’s a simple problem, like old batteries or an obstructed signal. Sometimes it’s the remote that’s broken. Most of the time, the problem doesn’t become clear until the fix is made.

How to fix a Roku Remotes Not Working Error

1. Roku remote pairing

The issue that arises most frequently with a Roku control is pairing. A Roku player should instantly pair with your remote after setup. Newer models may pair your remote with your TV to regulate power and volume.

Unstable Wi-Fi or a factory reset can interrupt this pairing. If your Roku remote doesn’t work, your streaming device is useless. Every Roku provides a simple way to reconnect. How-to:

  1. Remove Roku’s back cover.
  2. Underneath the batteries is the pairing button.
  3. Bring the controller close to the Roku.
  4. Hold for three seconds.
  5. Soon, a pairing dialogue will appear.

Follow these procedures if no pairing screen appears.

  1. First, remove the batteries from the Roku control, and then replace them back in their original position.
  2. Reboot the Roku (if it doesn’t have a button, unplug and replug its power).
  3. While the device is starting up, keep holding the pairing button.
  4. Use a different wireless network to pair the remote. Wi-Fi strength is a primary reason remote pairing fails, but your connection will stay after you reconnect the Roku.

If nothing above works, there’s another possibility. Try Roku’s mobile app on your smartphone.

3. Use Roku App

Roku’s app is robust. You can search for and cast media. With this app, you may use your cellphone as a remote. Install the Roku app for Android (opens in new tab) or iOS (opens in new tab), then press the Remote tab. You’ll see a D-pad and media controls, and voila: you got a Roku remote.

Roku app’s Channel and Remote tabs

You could use your cellphone as a Roku remote indefinitely, but it’s not recommended. It drains the battery, and you need it for other things. If your Roku remote is damaged in any way, you will need to purchase a replacement.

3. Check the HDMI connection

Roku sticks plug into a TV’s HDMI connector. Your HDMI-connected gadget may cause interference. To fix this, download Roku’s free HDMI extension. Get your Roku serial number. The sticker should have it.

Note: Changing the Roku’s HDMI port may require resetting it. A defective HDMI port may be eliminated.

4. Switch Remotes

As of this writing, 4 Roku remotes are available. Roku offers a $20 voice remote, a $15 IR remote, a voice remote, a $30 “point-anywhere”, and “a $30 gaming remote”.

Visit Roku’s website to learn which remote works with your device. You’ll find current Roku device information there.

Remotes have varying features. For Example, the Ruko Voice Remote Pro has private listening, the ability to create individualized shortcuts, and hands-free operation.

5. Ensure that your wireless devices are connected to the network and check their status

Your Roku device will have at least one network connection, although the number of connections will vary depending on whether you have a Roku player or a streaming stick. The majority of Roku players offer both wireless and wired connectivity options. Streaming sticks are only compatible with wireless networks for connecting to the internet.

Additional Remote Repairing Tips

Here are more Roku remote troubleshooting suggestions.

Drain the Roku remote’s battery. Remove the batteries, hold any button for 10-30 seconds, then replace them and test the remote. This fixes shorts caused by abnormal charge buildup in electrical connections.

Your problem could be due to the hardware, such as a connection on the circuit board that has corroded. You should disassemble the remote control and check it for any burn marks, corrosion, or other faults if you have any technical expertise. If there is corrosion, clean it with a brush and rubbing alcohol, then reinstall the remote after 30 seconds.

Note: This voids the remote’s warranty.


No matter whatever option you go with, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to place your remote control order straight through the Amazon website. This is due to the fact that Roku makes it abundantly apparent which remotes are suitable for use with certain Roku products.

Whatever the scenario, we would advise getting these remotes straight from the Roku website as Roku makes it very obvious which devices are compatible with each other. Because you don’t want to deal with any problems connected to your new remote, and because third-party dealers aren’t always as trustworthy as they should be in this situation, you can consider purchasing it directly from the manufacturer.


Where can I get a new remote for my TV?

Replacement remotes for Roku are simple to locate, which is a good thing. If you need one nowadays, most big box stores like Target and Walmart will have them. You can also order them online at Amazon or the Roku site.

Can I upgrade my Roku remote?

Yes! You can upgrade your older Roku remote for voice control without changing the box. Do keep in mind that some remotes won’t work with Roku devices that are a long time old, so you should check before you buy.

What kind of batteries do you put in a Roku remote?

Most Roku remotes need two AAA or AA batteries. On the back of the remote, you can find out what kind of batteries it needs.

Does my warranty cover my remote?

Yes! It comes with a one-year warranty, just like the Roku device. On the Roku site, you can find everything you need to file a warranty claim.

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