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7 Ways To Fix Roku TV Stuck On Loading Screen Error

If you’re experiencing the Roku TV being stuck on a loading screen error, it can be frustrating and cause chaos in your life. Don’t worry about it. There are ways to fix it.

Roku TV is more intelligent and has unique features compared to standard TV. But, like everything, it can have flaws. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about fixing these flaws in your Roku TV.

Reasons For Roku TV’s Loading Screen Issues

Why is my Roku TV stuck on loading screen, you ask? Still no response? Avoid worrying about it. Before diving into the methods, we should discuss the reasons causing this issue. Here are some of them:

  • Poor Internet Connection.
  • Plugged Devices.
  • SD card inserted wrong.

Effortless Solutions For Roku TV Loading Screen

If your Roku TV is stuck on the loading screen, it can annoy everyone. We shared abundant ways through which you can resolve Roku tv being stuck on the loading screen.

1. Look For Internet Connection

Sometimes a poor internet connection causes the Roku TV to be stuck on the loading screen. In this case, you must ensure that all your router’s lights are on.

Moreover, turn off your router and try to restart it again. And check if this solves your issue or not.

Another option to resolve Roku TV stuck on the activation screen is to connect your phone to WiFi or mobile data to check if the internet is slow or not.

2. Remove All The Inputs From Roku TV

The inputs connected to your Roku TV can sometimes cause trouble, result getting stuck on the loading screen. It’s better to remove them all and restart your Roku TV.

After that, insert all the inputs and restart the Roku every time you insert an input. In this way, you will know which input is causing the trouble on Roku TV.

3. Reinsert The SD Card

A corrupted SD card can cause the Roku to be stuck on the loading screen. You might want to re-insert to ensure that the SD card isn’t the real issue.

  1. First, remove the Roku from any power source and TV.
  2. Discard the SD card inserted in Roku.
  3. Connect the Roku to the power source and TV again.
  4. Power on the Roku.
  5. If it turns on, power it off again and reinsert the SD card.
  6. Power on the Roku.

Check if it resolves the issue or not. If not, try a new SD card. Make sure to back up all the data on the SD card. Roku will reset as it detects that the card is new.

4. Perform A Restart

Restarting your device would sometimes resolve these minor issues you’re facing. It clears up all the glitches that might be promoting the error. Here are two methods to restart your device.

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Using The Remote

  1. Tap Home five times.
  2. Click Up once.
  3. Tap Rewind twice.
  4. Press Fast Forward twice.

Now, wait until it performs a restart automatically. There’s another way to restart your device through System Menu.

Using The System Menu

Perform A Restart on roku through system settings

  1. First, Go to Settings from the Home screen.
  2. Scroll down to System and select the System restart option.
  3. Now, click on Restart.

5. Execute Roku Device Reset

If you have tried the above methods and still facing the loading screen error, perform a reset of your Roku. You should know that you will lose all your channels, sign out of your accounts, and will remove all settings.

Method #1:

If you can’t access your menu, you can perform the below steps:

  1. Look for the reset button. It can be a normal button or pinhole.
  2. Press and grip the button for 30 seconds. If it’s a pinhole, you should try it with a paperclip.
  3. The light will flash when the Reset is done. Look at the TV connected if your Roku doesn’t have a light indicator.

Method #2:

You can execute a reset from there if you are accessible to the menu.

  1. Tap the Home button.
  2. Search for the Settings.
  3. Select the System.
  4. Tap on the Advanced system settings.
  5. Choose Factory Reset.
  6. Press Factory Reset Everything.
  7. Confirm the popup alert.

The Roku will automatically turn on after the reset. You have to log in to your account and connect it to your Roku device. All the channels will be automatically downloaded after login.

6. Enable Airplane Mode On Nintendo Switch

There might be a possibility that the game you installed on the Nintendo Switch has bugs or some glitches in it that can be causing your Roku to be stuck on the loading screen.

In such a case, turn on the Airplane mode on your Nintendo Switch or turn off the WiFi. Ensure that your Roku and Nintendo Switch are updated to the latest version.

To Enable Airplane Mode:

airplane mode on nintendo switch

  • Navigate to System Settings > Airplane / Flight Mode and select On to enable airplane mode.

Note: The bugs only appear if you have a Nintendo Switch with a Pokemon Sword and Shield installed in it.

7. Contact Roku Support

If the error persists after applying all the fixes, the last option is to contact the Roku Support team to get assistance.

Explain your issue to them and mention the troubleshooting steps you’ve performed so far. It helps the support team to understand the error.


The methods we shared above didn’t require expert knowledge and worked to resolve the issue you’re facing. However, we are always aware that people always come up with new fixes for issues like this.

So, if you have come up with a new method that works, please let us know in the comments section below!

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