Why Does Your Bluetooth Automatically Keep Turning On?

We can’t deny the significance of Bluetooth as the best wireless data transfer mode. What got your essential files transferred when there was no internet and cables? Undoubtedly, Bluetooth.

Some users have reported that their Bluetooth keeps turning on automatically, and it’s very frustrating. This post will provide you with all the quick fixes to resolve this issue on Android and iPhone. So, stick with us!

Reasons Why Bluetooth Keeps Turning On Automatically On Android And iPhone

It’s difficult to tell exactly why your Bluetooth automatically turns on and off. However, we have pinpointed a few common ones. The reasons are different for each device. Let us give an overview of Android and iPhone’s abrupt Bluetooth functioning.


  • Some glitch in the system is creating the problem.
  • You have allowed apps to make changes in settings.
  • Bluetooth Tethering is enabled due to frequent use of Bluetooth and now turns it on automatically.
  • For improved location accuracy, the automatic scanner has enabled Bluetooth.
  • The quick device connect feature turns on Bluetooth automatically for a specific time.


  • It may automatically turn on after restarting the Phone.
  • In newer iOS versions, turning off Bluetooth from the control panel will unpair the connected devices and will not turn them off.

How To Fix “Bluetooth Keep Turning On” For Android

1. Restart Device

Sometimes, due to access load on the system, some glitches occur that create many unwanted problems, and turning on Bluetooth is one of them. To get rid of it, first, you must restart your Android device so that Bluetooth stops turning on itself. How to restart an Android phone?

  1. Press and hold the side button.
  2. Tap on the Restart option that appears on the screen.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth Scanning

Bluetooth scanning shows you the nearby devices ready to pair with your device. Turning on this feature will automatically turn on Bluetooth on your device. If your Bluetooth shows such behavior, make sure Bluetooth scanning is off. How to turn off Bluetooth Scanning?

  1. Go to the Android Settings.
  2. Scroll to find the Location option.
  3. Open it and tap on the Scanning option.
  4. Now toggle to turn off Bluetooth scanning.

3. Disable Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth tethering provides a wireless connection between two devices. Enabling this feature automatically turns on Bluetooth. Therefore, disable the Bluetooth tethering option to eradicate the error. How to turn off Bluetooth Tethering?

  1. Go to the Android’s Settings.
  2. In Connections, select the hotspot and tethering option.
  3. Now toggle to turn off Bluetooth tethering.

4. Reset Connection Settings

Resetting connections removes data from WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and previously paired devices. It makes the connection default, which will stop Bluetooth from turning on itself. How to Reset Bluetooth Settings?

  1. Go to Settings and select System.
  2. Tap on Reset Options and select WiFi, mobile, and Bluetooth.
  3. Now hit Reset Settings. The connections will reset after the process.

5. Check For Device Update

An outdated device can create problems for your Bluetooth app to work properly, which may be the case with you because sometimes system updates with specific versions can cause some apps to disfunction.

Why do you have to update your Android?

Updating the Android operating system to the latest version is necessary to eliminate irritating errors. The positive aspects of updating are listed below:

  • Glitch fixes
  • Upgraded features
  • Better security
  • Improved optimization

6. Disable Permissions For Apps

If you have done everything and the problem is still not solved, Bluetooth is turning on and off itself; there might be a possibility a third-party app with Bluetooth permission is causing this issue. In this case, you must disable permissions for such apps to stop these unwanted changes. How to disable permissions for apps in settings?

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Select Apps & notifications and tap the Apps Permission option.
  3. Now tap the app and choose Don’t allow.

How To Fix “Bluetooth Keep Turning On” For iPhone

When you turn off Bluetooth from the control panel on an iPhone, the paired device disconnects, but Bluetooth remains on. You have to turn it off correctly to resolve the issue.

1. Turn It Off From Settings

In newer iOS versions, don’t try to turn it off from the control panel because it will just unpair the device.

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings.Bluetooth keeps turning on
  2. Select “Bluetooth” and toggle to turn it off.Bluetooth keeps turning on - hacktoday

It will prevent Bluetooth from turning back on.

2. Update iOS Version

If your device is running an older iOS or beta version and you haven’t upgraded to the latest pending update. In that case, Bluetooth automatically turning on/off glitch can occur.

Therefore, to eliminate such glitches, you must always update your iOS version. It will resolve many minor problems, including Bluetooth turning on itself.


On Android, restarting the device, turning off Bluetooth scanning and tethering, resetting Bluetooth, updating the system, and disabling app permission will sort out your problem.

Whereas on iPhone, turning off Bluetooth from the settings and updating iOS will resolve the issue. If you still face the same issue, feel free to comment below.

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