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Ghost Squad Hackers Targeted Israel’s Prime Minister Websites, Bank of Israel

Ghost Squad Hacker’s once again back with another #OpIsrael operation. The official website of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office (pmo.gov.il) and The Bank of Israel (bankisrael.gov.il) were taken down by Ghost Squad Hackers on Sunday. They conducted a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Services) attack on these sites. Ghost Squad exploited the Denial of Service flaw in PMO’s website.

S1ege, GSH’s leader:

“We found a denial of service exploit on Israeli prime minister office website and it’s been down for 72 hours and counting.”

S1ege also confirmed that the attack was conducted in support of Palestine and plans are to come up with more attacks to raise awareness regarding the Palestinian issue.

“We the GSH are not against anyone but injustice and it’s obvious what’s going on in Palestine is injustice and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a war criminal, said S1ege.”

Ghost Squad Hackers:

It is confirmed, that the Israeli PMO website was down while the Bank of Israel site was restored. The screenshot was taken:

A History of Ghost Squad Hackers

Previously, they targeted the afghan government in protest of ongoing corruption and U.S. drug ties. On March 19 they targeted .edu domains declaring total war on Donald Trump. A lot more is expected from GSH soon.

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