Hidden Cameras: Learn How to Find Them Through Your Phone?

In this era of advancement, it is not uncommon for people to misuse technology. Occasionally, you may believe that a hidden camera may be watching you. This may be anywhere in your home or private location. Thus, to repress the paranoia, your phone can help you spot surveillance equipment.

If you are unaware of how to detect these pieces of spyware equipment from your phone, worry not! In this article, we will equip you with the knowledge to protect yourself and your privacy.

Phone’s Camera

Phone’s Camera hidden

Although it is not perfect, you can utilize the camera and magnetometer sensor on your phone. Through these features, you can identify hidden cameras, microphones, and other listening devices.

Some covert cameras transmit infrared radiation light. Thus, as a result, it is not visible to the naked eye. However, if you hold your phone close enough, the camera lens will pick up infrared light.

Moreover, you can make the detection easier by paying close attention to the colour of the light. If you uncover a hidden camera that emits infrared light, it will appear as a bright blue-white light in your camera’s display. If you do notice any such light, make sure to keep on investigating. These potentially may be hidden cameras within the room.

Additionally, you can use your phone’s camera to locate night vision cameras. If the hidden camera is not connected to any network, you can make use of your camera’s infrared detection feature.

Some smartphones include infrared light-blocking filters on the main camera, but just a few have filters on the front camera. Use an infrared remote control, such as the one you use to operate your TV. By doing so you can figure out which camera is compatible with your device. Focus on your smartphone’s main camera and tap a button. It can detect infrared if you see a light on the screen. If you still don’t see anything, switch to the front camera.

Once you have made the decision to use which camera, turn off the lights in the room you wish to scan. Then, with your smartphone camera turned on, begin searching for bright lights. They’ll normally be purple, although they can also appear white. You won’t have to be in close proximity to the covert camera.

Additionally, point your smartphone at the ceiling, air vents, and sockets, rather than just the centre of the walls. Keep in mind to look for something different.

Be Wary

However, there are factors you should also bear in mind. Are there multiple smoke detectors in a room? Is there a USB hub in a location where there are no other electronics? Through this, you can attempt to communicate your finger with its reflection. As a result, it will show you how your mirrored finger will come into contact with your real finger.

Thus, anything uncommon could conceal a camera. In normal circumstances, consumers and businesses make use of one-way glass. Through this, you can attempt to communicate your finger with its reflection. As a result, it will show you how your mirrored finger will come into contact with your real finger.

Scan Wi-Fi-Connected Cameras

The goal is to examine all of the devices that have a connection to the local network. There are particular apps that help you in regard to this as well, such as Fing. Additionally, you should turn the Wi-fi off on all of your devices. After that, connect your phone to the network.

To get started on Android, touch the “Refresh” icon in the top-right corner of the app’s screen. Consequently, agree to provide the app location permissions. An iPhone completes this step automatically.

Wait for the software to complete its scan before looking at the list of devices that are discoverable. Furthermore, stay cautious for any camera brands, or networks that list themselves as “IP Camera”.

There is a possibility that you don’t notice a camera on this list. Therefore, consider how many devices you can see on the list. find out what you can in the area where you are staying.

If you have your suspicions, write down the IP address. By doing so, something may stick out as unique if you cannot find a suitable source.

Scan for Open Ports

Once you do find something that strikes you as suspicious, you should scan for any open ports of these foreign devices.

To do so, tap on the “Network” option at the bottom of the screen. It will take you to another page, where you will have to select “Open Ports”.

The next step is to use the “Find Open Ports” button. To get it to work, you will have to enter the previous IP address which you once copied.

The list will reveal which ports are open as well as the services that are used by them. Examine your network for RTSP and RTMP connections.

However, if the connections have an HTTP or HTTPS server, they cater to video streaming content. Thus, to confirm this, paste the IP address and the port number in your browser, followed by a colon.

Mobile Applications

Scanning for surveillance cameras in areas where they should not be via your phone is not limited to your phone’s original features. In this day and age, there is an application for almost everything. Thus, you can make use of specific phone applications that can help you detect whether there is a hidden camera in your vicinity.

Hidden Camera App Detector

Are you an Android user? If so, you are in luck! The Hidden Camera App is an Android-specific application that can help you maintain your privacy.

The Hidden Camera Detector app detects hidden cameras using the magnetic sensors and infrared sensors in your smartphone’s camera. It detects the unseen camera using electromagnetic fields (EMF). By using this technology, the app emits a beeping sound when the match turns out positive.

If you are unaware of how this app functions, let us walk you through how it works. Move your phone’s camera as close to the suspect device. By doing so, it will be possible for the application to gain better magnetic sensor accuracy. Moreover, look below for doorknobs, outlets, showerheads, lampshades, and even your own body.

However, some users do have a few critiques against the Hidden Camera App Detector. Essentially, it is sensitive to metals. Thus, causing it to beep in unexpected areas even when no lens is present. However, the app does address this concern. According to the app’s instructions, you simply need to tune the magnetometer’s sensitivity between 60 and 80. By doing so you can eliminate false positives.

Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder:

Similar to the Hidden Camera App Detector, Tiny SVR Came operates similarly and also has several downloads on Google Play.

The app works by using a magnetometer and an infrared camera that detects white light are included. Surprisingly, it functions as your own personal CCTV camera, capturing key video moments.

Additionally, you can get a better glimpse of any suspected spy cam devices by adjusting the camera’s sensitivity. The infrared mode may identify hidden figures, hidden objects, and other issues.

Furthermore, for each type of room, the app provides a useful guide. It will list all the possible areas for you to search for the hidden lens. It allows you to do so if you specify what sort of room you are in, for example, a bathroom.


You can now connect to the local network from a variety of locations. With an application called Fing, you may take advantage of this. Fing is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s completely free and contains no advertisements. Fing will prompt you to sign in if you want to use more features, but you won’t need to for a simple device scan.

The software will allow you to see all of the devices connected to your local network. To reduce the number of things you have to manage, we recommend unplugging all of your devices save your phone or tablet running the Fing app. Turn on Fing after connecting your phone or tablet to the network.

Glint Finder App

Glint Finder App

If you are an iPhone user, the Glint Finder app is perfect for you. Glint Finder makes use of the camera flash’s retro-reflection to help the user locate shiny things in the camera’s field of view. It’s ideal for detecting hidden camera lens elements, as well as lost parts or contact lenses!

Glint Finder works on the same premise as professional tools for searching for and locating lens glint emitted by covert spy camera optics.

To gain the most efficient use of this app, set the flash rate of the device in cycles per second (Hz). Additionally, toggle the polarity of the image to help highlight glints, and change the flash duty cycle on the device.

When illuminated with a flash, the lens optics of hidden cameras produce a specular reflection. As the flash toggles on and off, these retro-reflections appear as highlights or hotspots in the image. These are devices that professional operators use to sweep meeting rooms and indoor spaces for hidden cameras.

Hidden IR Camera Detector

Hidden IR Camera Detector

For individuals seeking privacy, IR Hidden Camera Detector is highly useful software. If you’re in a room where you’re worried about your privacy being invaded, our software is the ideal option. Hidden cameras generate infrared radiations, which are detected by this hidden camera detector. This infrared light is invisible to the naked eye.

To use the Hidden IR Camera Detector, simply open IR Hidden camera detector. Consequently, look through the specific camera filter. By displaying infrared as brilliant white light, our filter allows you to spot hidden cameras.

Moreover, this app can be used to detect infrared remotes. You can check whether your IR remote is working by pressing the button on the remote control and looking at the light. If the light is blinking, your IR remote is operating properly.

To learn how to use this app, simply move your phone about to detect hidden cameras. By doing so, this app can detect odd magnetic activity. This activity could be from a hidden camera, spy camera, secret camera, or any hidden device. Furthermore, this hidden camera detects app is also a hidden device detector to detect devices. You can also use this as a hidden camera detector to detect cameras.

DontSpy 2 Detector

DontSpy 2 Detector

DontSpy 2 Detector is another option for Apple users. The DontSpy 2 Detector app is a newer version of the original application. Due to the rising popularity of the first version, the second version observes upgrades and an improvement. This program detects the magnetic field and displays it in a user-friendly manner.

Following the directions on the gauge, the bars display the signal intensity. Whereas, the line shows the variation of the magnetic field during the search. Thus, reading data is now quite straightforward, making the task simpler and more precise.

This app makes use of science. Every speaker, microphone, smartphone, spy bug, and concealed camera contains a magnetic field. Even iPhones have a magnetometer, which is a tool that a compass employs.

Furthermore, DontSpy can read the data collected by the magnetometer and indicate the presence of magnetic fields. These are created by spy bugs, smartphones, microphones, metal objects, and other devices that emit magnetic fields. The reading should be taken in close proximity to the object you’re looking for.

Hence, you can turn your phone into a magnetic field detector, metal detector, or electrical device detector.

However, the app cannot tell the difference between a metal object and a smartphone, spy bug, or other electronic devices.  Thus, you will see “Discovered” even if a metal object is present. Therefore, you will need to search metal objects from a distance to get a good result.

In regards to Apple products, consider that the magnetometer on iPhones is located in the upper right corner. Whereas the magnetic on iPads is located in the back top centre.

Hidden Camera Detector

iPhone users can also make use of the Hidden Camera Detector application. It is a popular spyware detection app, gaining the attention of Forbes, Fox, and other news outlets.

The Hidden Camera Detector has an exclusive all-in-one network scanner. Through this, you can find hidden cameras, covert devices, GPS trackers, and bugs on WiFi, Network, and Bluetooth.

This app uses the camera and flash on the iPhone to look for concealed spy cameras. Additionally, you can access devices remotely through the Internet by making use of their New Online Scammer feature.

For basic users, this is an easy-to-use app. However, if you want to avail more features, you can sign up for their premium app in-purchase offer.

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