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How to Disable Wi-Fi Turn-on Automatically on Android

On our smartphones, TVs, and smart speakers, we’re constantly connected to the Internet. However, it’s possible that you’d prefer to turn off, tune out, and unplug from the online hive mind occasionally.

Even if you manually disable WiFi on your phone, it may still attempt to establish a connection to your network. This is due to a Google feature that automatically activates the WIFI network.. It’s possible you’ve noticed that your WiFi automatically reconnects to your device after you’ve turned it off. Your Android device may have a feature that automatically turns on WiFi, and you may want to disable it.

It turns on your WiFi even if you manually turn it off. As a result, we have written a short tutorial on how to deactivate WiFi auto-connecting on Android.

Why does Android automatically turn on WiFi?

“WiFi Awaken” connects your Android device to your WiFi network. It was first introduced in Google Pixel and Pixel XL, and later this feature was added to all Android versions. The WiFi wakeup feature scans the region for strong signal networks. If your device detects a strong WiFi connection, it will immediately switch on your WiFi.

The reason for this feature was to limit the amount of data that was being used inadvertently. Mobile data may be used for example, if you leave the house. This feature, on the other hand, automatically connects your device to your WiFi network as soon as you enter your house to prevent excessive data usage.

How to stop WiFi turn on automatically from connecting?

Follow these instructions to stop your Android device from automatically turning on WiFi if you dislike the WiFi wakeup feature.

“Adaptive Connectivity” is a setting on Google Pixel phones. What this does is move between 3G, 4G, and 5G networks based on what you’re doing and how much bandwidth you’re using (so streaming will go on 5G while lighter activities like messaging apps will use 4G).

  1. Unlock your phone and go to Settings.
  2. Afterwards, you need to tap the Network and Internet options and then WiFi. The network is sometimes referred to as “Connections” on some devices.
  3. Open the Wi-Fi settings. From the top select Advanced.
  4. On the Advanced page, you will get additional WiFi preferences. You can notice an option by which WiFi automatically is the On/Off option. Just turn that off.

If you disable that feature, your WiFi will no longer switch on automatically when a nearby WiFi network is detected.

When you’re on that setting, You can turn off the “Connect to open network” switch. However, it would be better for you to know that connecting to an open network could be dangerous for your privacy and could also cause problems for you, so you should know that. So, make sure you turn it off so that you don’t connect to any unknown open networks.

If your Wi-Fi is still turning on by itself, there are a few things you can do from your side. Chances are that after the factory reset, your WiFi will work the way it should again.

Stop Android’s Wi-Fi from automatically turning itself off.

Some users, on the other hand, are having the exact opposite problem to what we described above. The problem here is that Wifi is immediately turned off. So, if you want to prevent Android from automatically turning down your wifi, take a look at these suggestions.

  1. Auto-reconnection is enabled by default on most devices when the Wifi connection is lost. If your device moves out of the WiFi range and then returns to the network range, you can use this option to automatically reconnect your device to the network. When this option is turned off, your device won’t be able to connect to the network, and you won’t be able to use it.
  2. Auto-sleep is a feature on some devices that automatically turns off the Wifi if you are not connected to a Wifi network. This option should therefore be disabled on your device.
  3. It’s possible to turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi using third-party apps. That you can see if your Android device has anything like it. Look for the app’s settings or uninstall it if it is detected.
  4. In some cases, system bugs may also be to reason. If this is the case, you should see if your device’s vendor has any available system updates. Your device manufacturer may have issued a software update for you if the problem is known. The patch can be downloaded and installed if it is available.


This is how you can prevent your Android smartphone’s wifi from automatically turning on. Please note that this function is only accessible in the most recent Android version.

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