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How to Fix HTML5: Video File Not Found Error on Chrome

HTML5 video is a great way to add a video to any website. It’s easy to embed and can be viewed on all major browsers, including mobile devices. However, there are times when you try to play a video file on YouTube or a website and come face with an error message that reads “HTML5: Video file not found“. This can happen if your browser does not support HTML5 video or if there is a problem with the backend of the web page.

Lucky for you that Hacktoday always finds quick ways to help fix such errors without much hassle. So stay tuned and read this article thoroughly to make HTML5 videos work on your browser and get your videos playing without any problems.

HTML5: Video File Not Found Error Fixes

1. Download Missing HTML5 Codecs

An HTML5: Video file not found error reflects that your browser does not support HTML5 or the website lacks the necessary video codec.

You can contact the website’s developer to get HTML5 codecs for all video formats installed. If you are an Internet user who encounters this error, make sure you are using an up-to-date browser that supports HTML5.

2. Confirm Your Browser Is Up To Date

Since HTML5 is now the latest practice to embed videos, your older browser may not be able to support it. To verify that you are using the latest version of Chrome.

  1. Launch Google Chrome and tap the three dots on the top-right corner of the screen.three-dots
  2. In the drop-down menu, hover on Help, then click About Google Chrome.about-google-chrome
  3. A new window will open, showing the current version of Chrome. If the browser is outdated, then the Update Google Chrome button will appear. Simply click it to get the new variant.


3. Delete Cookies and Cache Data

Clearing the cookies and cache data helps most of the time when html5 is not working in Chrome. Though these two are meant to provide users with the best browsing experience possible, they can occasionally cause errors while playing media files. Carry out the steps below to delete cookies and cache data on Chrome.

  1. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and select Settings from the
  2. From the left-side panel, choose Privacy and Security and tap Clear Browsing Data.clear-browsing-data
  3. Set the Time Range from which you want to delete the data.time-range
  4. Uncheck the Browsing History box (only leave the Cookies and Cache box checked).clear-data
  5. Restart your browser after clicking the Clear Data button. See if the error still exists by playing the video again.

4. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration assists in opening the visuals in the browser, such as games and videos. Disabling the hardware acceleration eases the browser burden as your computer’s GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is then utilized to process media.

Toggling this option off might resolve the html5 not working chrome error. To turn off hardware acceleration;

  1. Go to Settings and click System from the left panel.system-chrome
  2. Look for Use hardware acceleration when available option and turn it offturn-off-hardware-acceleration
  3. Restart the Chrome app and try playing the video again.

5. Launch The Browser in Incognito Mode

Launching the browser in incognito mode might not resolve the html5: Video file not found error though it will help you find the cause of why the error is occurring. In incognito mode, chromes disable and reset some features and plugins to overlap many unwanted issues. To open Chrome in incognito mode;

  1. Launch the Chrome Browser.
  2. Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and click New Incognito Window. Or Press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys to open the private window.incognito-mode
  3. A new window like this will appear. Browse the video here and try playing it again.


6. Reset Your Browser

If clearing the cache data and browsing in incognito mode did not help, then try resetting Chrome to its default settings. Go through the following steps to do so.

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and navigate to Settings.
  2. Tap Reset and cleanup from the left panel and click Restore settings to their original defaults.reset-and-clean-up
  3. Hit the Reset settings button on the pop-up that will appear.


7. Download the Video for Offline Playback

If all the above-provided solutions fail to settle the issue, then the final method is to download the video from the website using a third-party website and play it offline.

There are many websites available such as, that help users extract video files from almost all major media platforms. To Download Videos through;

  1. Go to the website from which the video you want to download and copy its link by right-clicking the video container and choosing Copy link address.copy-video-url
  2. Then go to and paste the video link in the input box by holding the Ctrl + V keys on the
  3. Hit the download button. All possible media file variants of the given video link will appear on the
  4. Choose the one of your choice and save the video on your desktop by right-clicking the video container or by pressing Ctrl + S from the keyboard.



1. Why your browser does not support html5 video?

Html5 is the new way to add and play media files on browsers instead of traditional flash players. So if you are using an outdated browser version, there are chances that it does not contain or support the new html5 codec. Try updating your browser or contacting the site developer to settle this issue.

2. What causes html5 error loading please refresh on Chrome?

The reasons can range from a number of causes enclosing temporary bugs in the cookies data to browser compatibility with the latest codecs. Another common cause is watching videos with older content that is only compatible with the flash player and not with the latest HTML5 video formats.

Final Words

And here, this article comes to an end. I have examined the most common HTML5: Video file not found error and outlined some of the effective ways to fix it. If trying the methods didn’t help resolve the issue, try contacting the site developer to add the Html5 supporting codecs to the website, or simply enjoy your favorite video by downloading it on your device without hassle!

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