How To Get Water Out Of Your Charging Port on iPhone & Android?

Wait! Are you getting water detection alerts on your iPhone or Android? On iPhone, this pop-up alert might say “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid detected in lightning detector”. Whereas, on Android, you get the notification saying “Moisture has been detected. To charge your device, make sure your charger/USB port is dry”.

Although smartphones are water-resistant these days, still, a few drops of water can damage the charging port. Consequently, we find ourselves in a place where we are right now; searching for how to get water out of the charging port.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the matter of getting water out of your dearest phone and getting it back to work as normal. So, stay tuned!

What Causes The “Liquid Detected” or “Moisture has been detected” Alert Pop-up?

Whether you get a liquid detection alert on iPhone or Android, the following cases could be the reason for the water penetrating the charging port for both.

1. While Taking Shower

One possibility is that while taking shower you have placed your phone near the shower and then a few drops of water get into the charging port. However, your phone didn’t get wet but a few drops of water are enough to damage the charging port.

2. Dropped Phone In Water

Another prospect to getting a Liquid Detection message is that you might have dropped your phone in a water tank. Despite your phone being water resistant, the machinery inside it still gets affected by the water and can get severely damaged.

3. Rain Water Gets Inside the Charging Port

You might have enjoyed the rain while your phone was still in your pocket and it got wet but you were not aware of it. Therefore, the moisture entered the charger port.

Immediate Actions To Get Water Out Of Charging Port

The query about how to get water out of your phone charging port is valid but first of all, you need to perform some abrupt actions to secure your phone from irreversible damage.

1. Soak Your Phone With A Towel Or Cloth

After you have dropped your phone in water, instantly soak it with a dry towel or cloth. This can save your phone from any further damage.

2. Remove It From All Sources

You have to remove the charger, hands-free, headsets, any cable, or anything that is connected to your phone. Remove your phone case too.

3. Power Off Your Phone

After doing this just power off your phone and don’t use it for a while. Afterwards, place it in an upright position so gravity can pull out any water inside the port.

Ways To Remove Water Inside The Charging Port

After performing the above instantaneous efforts, there are some ways through which you can remove the water that gets inside your charging port.

1. Place Your Phone In Ventilated Room

The best option is to place your phone in a ventilated room or under the air. It can be more effective if you place your phone in an upright position so that gravity can pull out the moisture inside the charging port.

2. Leave Your Phone For 30 Minutes

Do not operate your phone, just leave it for 30 minutes. After this check whether you are still receiving a liquid detection alert or not. If not, connect your phone to a charger.

3. Tap Your Phone Against Palm

One more alternative is that you can tap your phone against your palms. This will pull out the water inside the charging port. Make sure that the charging port is pointing downward while doing this.

Things Not To Do If Water Gets Into Charger Port

There are some myths you need to avoid applying to your phone if water gets into your charging port. All of these will not solve your problem or maybe intensify the damage.

1. Don’t Put Any Foreign Object

Some websites and people suggest that putting an earbud or piece of cotton will dry the humidity inside your port. All these methods are inconvenient to use. This will push the water deeper.

2. Don’t Place Your Phone Under Sun Exposure

If water gets inside your phone, don’t think that sunlight will dry it. These are only misconceptions. Excess sunlight can warm up your phone and can flaw the internal machinery too.

3. Don’t Use A Hair dryer

Some people recommend using a hair dryer as it will dry all the moisture inside the charging port. But this will not work for your phone. The hair dryer comes up with hot air which can again heat your phone and can deform the inner metal too.

4. Don’t Place Your Phone In A Bowl Of Rice

Like many other fallacies, placing your phone in a bowl of rice can not dry the water inside the port. Any rice particle can get into the charging port and will cause another issue.


What if my phone gets a little wet?

This is good news for you if your phone gets a little wet and it has a cordless charger, you don’t have to wait for the moisture to dry just connect the charger.

Does the water get in even if the phone is water-resistant?

You should know about this despite your phone being water resistant. A little drop of water is enough to affect the machinery inside it.

What to do when my phone gets dry but still receives a liquid detection alert?

Some people come up with this complaint that my phone says there is water in the charging port but it’s dry. Your phone is dry from the outside but internally it’s still wet. In such a situation, follow up on the above steps.


Subsequently provided you with all the ways to get water out of your charging port. You can get water out of your phone’s port by placing it in an upright position with a charging port pointing downwards.

Moreover, you can tap your phone against your palm to get the water out of the charger port. Try to avoid all the notions of any additional damage. Hopefully, we have satisfied you with the information given in this post.

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