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How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram

Are you entangled with skepticism about being restricted by someone on Instagram? Well… your intuition has taken you to the right place. All your queries will be answered, in the light of our experts’ keen insight and knowledge. So folks! Stick with us till the end of this post you’ll be guided step by step, on how to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

We often feel excluded or not invited when someone restricts us from their social media feed. That’s quite a normal response your mind creates. If that’s the case with you then, I’m sorry that you have to make peace with the fact that you aren’t invited. Maybe we should show respect for their right to privacy.

However, you have the right to confirm if someone has restricted you on Instagram or if you’re just making assumptions. This article will unlock all the tricks on how to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram. Also, we’ll try to peep inside that user’s mind about why they got you restricted on their Instagram.

What Is Restriction On Instagram

Instagram introduced a privacy feature, “Restrict This feature limits the access of users who use offensive, abusive, vulgar, disrespectful, or savage language in comments and messages. A restricted person cannot see the activity status.

People get their minds troubled because of cyberbullying. So they want to avoid the issues that put them in such situations. This feature is specifically for users who do not desire connections with unknown people without permission.

Is Blocking and Restricting on Instagram Similar

NO, blocking and restricting on Instagram are not similar. Both are privacy features but different from each other. Blocking is the complete removal of access, while Restricting is a limitation to access.

Blocking someone hides your complete stories and feeds. It is an out-and-out removal of access. When you block someone on Instagram, he will not receive a notification, and his activities on your posts will disappear.

Restricting someone limits his access to comments on your post to see your activity status and messages. He can not see who comments on your posts and what. Only you and the restricted person can see what he commented. The user you Restrict will not be aware of this.

Different Restrictions On Instagram

Restrictions on Instagram confines different elements. Let’s discuss it in frames. Here you will learn some ways to know if someone restricted you on their Instagram profile picture, story, comments, and activity status.

After reading this, you will acknowledge how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. Check out these few easy ways to determine restriction.

1. Examining Profile

Examining someone’s profile if you doubt to have been restricted would be the easiest way. Just go through the user’s profile and click on the three dots appearing in the right corner. If you can not see the following option you have been restricted.

2. Examining Comments

If you want to know that someone restricted you on Instagram, examining comments will be a good idea. Your comments will show up in the post as normal ones. But other users will not be able to see your comment.
Now to check if others can view what you commented on or not, do as follows:

  • Go to the profile of the user you suspect has restricted you.
  • Comment on any of his posts.
  • Create another Instagram account.
  • Then go through the post you commented on from your original account. If your comment appears on the user’s profile, it implies that you are not restricted.
  • If it is not showing up there, then obviously, you are restricted by the user.

Note: This method is applicable only for a public account.

3. Examining Messages

Examining messages is another brilliant way How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. Messaging is a common feature of social apps. It is a decent way of doing fun. Along with the fun, people have risks of cyber harassment and much more. They might have restricted you from avoiding such threats.

Firstly, open the profile of the user you suspect has restricted you.
Secondly, send a private message to that person.
Thirdly, notice if your message is unseen and the user has not responded even after a long time.

If someone has restricted you, he will not get notified of your message. He has to check it manually. If he opens your message, it will not appear as seen.

Another technique to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram through messages is sending a direct message to the user by your original account and then sending it from another account. Now spot if the message appears as seen on the second account but unseen on the original one. If so, understand that the user has restricted you on Instagram.

4. Examining Activity Status

Looking into activity status is also an effective way of knowing if someone has restricted you on Instagram. Activity status is a feature that allows people to see if the user is currently active or when he was active last time.

To check the restriction on Instagram through activity status, perform the procedure below:

  • Check from your original account if you can see the activity status of the specific person you suspect has restricted you.
  • If the user’s last active or current active status does not appear, then maybe you are restricted by him.
  • To clear this doubt of getting restricted, Create a second account.
  • Now check the activity status. If you can see the activity status from the second account but not the original one, it means you’re restricted.


What Is The Difference Between Blocking And Restricting On Instagram?

Blocking on Instagram is an out-and-out removal of access, on the other hand, Restricting is just a limitation of access.

What Happens When Someone Restricts You On Instagram?

If someone has restricted you on Instagram, you don’t have access to see their activity status, make a public comment on their posts, send a notified (DM) direct message, and see if the user has seen your message.

Can You See the Story Posted By A Person Who Restricted You On Instagram?

YES, you can see the story posted by a user who restricted you on Instagram.

Can I Comment On The Posts Of A User Who Restricted Me On Instagram?

YES, you can comment on the posts, but it will not be a public comment just you and the user has access to view it.

Note: Restriction on Instagram is also known as a soft block.


No one likes to get restricted on Instagram. But, it has happened to all of us at least once in our lifetime. So, don’t be disappointed if that’s the case with you. Check your comments or activity status from another account to confirm if you’re restricted.

Summing up, the tricks and workarounds listed above are the answer to the query “How to know if someone has restricted you on Instagram.” All these methods are authentic and tested by many users. I’m sure they must have helped you too.

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