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How to operate keyboard if any of it’s Keys is Broken

If your Windows computer’s keyboard has a defective or damaged key (and this is one you don’t often use), you may be able to work with it before you get a new keyboard. Here are some ideas that you can try out in a bit.

Remap the Key with Software

You can assign a broken key function to another one that you don’t frequently use, such as the Scroll or Caps Lock, or a function key by using Microsoft’s free Windows PowerToys utility.

To use it, try Microsoft PowerToys. Click “Keyboard Manager” in the sidebar once you have activated it, and then press “Remap a key” For our illustration, we are going to use Esc as the broken key, and substitute it with the rarely used Scroll Lock key.

Click on the plus sign (+) to offer up a shortcut in the “Remap Keyboard” Window.

You’ve got to specify the key you’re remapping on the left. Pick the broken key you wish to allocate to another one in the drop-down menu.

Click the drop-down menu in the “Mapped To” section on the right, and choose the key you like to replace a broken one with.

In our illustration, the Esc key is stuck, and the Scroll Lock key is replaced.

To shut the “Remap Keyboard” window press “Yes” and the remapped key should be working. Test it, and ensure that it operates as expected.

If not, the “Remap Button” window in PowerToys can be revisited at any time to change the settings. You can also click the Trash icon to remove the mapping altogether.

Swap One Keycap With Another

Nearly every keyboard has a mechanical key mechanism with a mechanical switch. On top of that sits a plastic piece called a keycap, which is the labeled piece you are pressing. If a keycap splits or is broken.

Other Repair Options

When your key cards are missing, you will find new keycaps on You can also try to find a non-functional or used keyboard on eBay (or a complete laptop, if it’s cheap enough).

When All Else Fails, Buy a New Keyboard

If you have broken a key or another that you frequently use, the above options may not sound very appealing, it is probably best to get a new keyboard.  If you have a laptop, a substitute assembly of the keyboard will need to be researched. Alternatively, you can ask someone to do something for you.

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