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How To Private Message Someone Who Has Blocked You On Facebook

There is a way to contact someone who has blocked you on Facebook Messenger, which is good news. You can do this by using certain hacks and clever methods for Facebook does not entirely shut down any possibility. It is up to you to select which alternative to choose, which is exactly what this article entails.

How to know if someone has blocked you on Facebook?

While Facebook does not notify the user that they have been blocked by someone, there are still some ways you can figure out whether you’ve been placed on the blacklist or not.

However, it is important to not jump to conclusions if you do not find them on your friend list. There are certain instances to be mindful of, for example to be sure if the person has not deactivated their account instead.

You can determine this by asking a mutual or a fellow friend if they are able to view if the individual’s account is still active. But, if you are sure that that is not the case, then proceed to read the following methods to ascertain if you have been blocked on Facebook or not.

1. Facebook search their profile

You can go on Facebook Search and type in the person’s username. If they are appearing on the ‘All‘ section, instead of the ‘People‘ section, then they may have blocked you. However, if you are still able to see their profile on the ‘People‘ section, then you may no longer be on their friend list.

2. Inability to tag them in posts

Create a post on Facebook and try to tag the individual in it. If you can’t tag them, they’ve either blocked you or unfriended you.

3. Inability to send invite requests

Make an event on Facebook and try to invite your friend. Unless you have made the rookie error of spelling their name incorrectly, they have either blocked you or unfriended you if no results appear.

How to message someone who has blocked you on Facebook?

1. Create Another Facebook ID

It is not really difficult to do this if all you want to do is message people who have blocked you. You only need to provide a first and last name, an email address of some kind. Additionally, a password to register a new account for chatting.

2. Email integrated messages 

You only need to know the “Facebook username” of the person who blocked you in order to send the message. If they block you, you cannot access the person’s profile, of course. Finding the Facebook username, though, is actually rather simple.

To find the username, you can create a new account. However, it’s better to just ask one of your friends to tell you what that person’s Facebook username is. Knowing the user’s username instantly gives you access to their Facebook email address.

Therefore, through Facebook’s novel feature that integrates emails with Facebook messages, you can send emails to the respective person via your personal email ID.

From thereon, sending a message is just as easy as drafting an email. Insert the email address of the person who has blocked you on Facebook in the ‘To’ section. In the body you can type out the message you wish to send to the person. The subject, however, is an optional feature.

After you send the email, it will appear in the recipient’s Facebook message box in the “Other” folder. they will be able to read it just like any other email they receive.

However, it should be taken into account that the person in question will not be able to reply to your message unless they unblock you on Facebook.

3. Anonymous Text Message

If you, by any chance have the phone number of the person who has you blocked, you might be in luck! Another way to message someone who block you on Facebook is to send them an anonymous SMS. There are certain websites available online who are able to do so.

Even though the text message was not sent from your own phone number, the site will still deliver it. As the sender, you may put “Anonymous” or “Secret,” for instance. It makes no difference if they block you everywhere, including Facebook Messenger. Unidentified senders’ texts are always delivered.

Once the site delivers the message, you will receive a notification similar to in Messenger. You will receive a message with an accurate delivery time. Using anonymous SMS websites, there is no limit to the number of texts that you can send.

4. Message them on other Social Media

We live in an age where different forms of social media exist besides Facebook. Hence, it is not difficult to contact the person who has blocked you on other platforms.

Mostly, nowadays, if you are fortunate enough, you may find their Instagram account linked or visible in their Facebook biography. Therefore, you can Direct Message them there.

How to determine if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Similar to Facebook, we advise you to first exercise caution and determine whether the person has just deactivated their account before believing that they have blocked you.

After ruling that possibility out, you can configure the following methods to see whether you are on their block list or not.

  • You would be unable to find their profile on the Search option.
  • Their posts will not appear on your feed.
  • You would not able to view their comments, or any other activity on the posts of mutual followers, and vice versa.
  • If you follow a link to their profile, and it displays the message, “Sorry, this page is not available“, you most likely have been blocked. Sorry, this page is not available
  • If you click on their profile, it will not exhibit their display picture, their follower and following count, and number of posts.
  • Lastly, if you search for their profile from other accounts and it appears active, then they must have blocked you.

How to message a person who blocked you on Instagram?

Instagram now falls within the domain of Facebook. Therefore, it seems suitable to discuss whether there are techniques to send a message to someone who has blocked you on Instagram.

Apart from using the same methods discussed above that are similar for Facebook, you can attempt to employ the additional procedure listed below:

1. Create a Group Chat

To chat with someone who has blocked you on Instagram, start a group chat by adding another account to the DMs. Send a message to at least two individuals on Instagram to start a group chat.

To do this follow the instructions given below:

  1. Click the ‘Messages‘ or messenger symbol in the Ribbon’s upper right corner.
  2. Select the ‘plus’ icon to search for usernames.
  3. Choose at least two recipients for your message. You can look for them by username at the top of the screen. Ensure that one of the members is the person who has you blocked.
  4. Click on ‘Create group chat’.
  5. Next, remove the unnecessary group member(s) from the chat before you proceed to send a message to the respective person that has you in the black list.


While most sources claim it is impossible to text a person who has you blocked, we believe when there is a will, there is a way! We have thought of every workable strategy to get in touch with someone who has blocked you on either Facebook or Instagram.

All the methods that the article describes are valid and true. You can use any of the solutions listed above to address your issue.

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