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How To Put Two Pictures Together On iPhone?

iPhone users get disappointed when it comes to combining two pictures on one screen. Although iPhone has a high-quality camera and amazing editing features such as reducing photo size, users still wonder how to put two pictures together on iPhone. 

There is no built-in feature that allows you to combine two pictures. But it doesn’t mean you can’t avail of this facility on your iPhone. You can either use Shortcuts apps or any third-party app to make a picture comparison.

In this article, we’ll learn how you can put two pictures together on iPhone. Read it till the end to have a thorough understanding of the process.

How to Put Two Pictures Together Using Shortcuts

Apple’s free Shortcuts app allows you to perform several customized tasks. This also includes combining two photos on one screen. The process is a bit lengthy but it’s worth the time.

  1. Install the Shortcuts app if it’s not already installed on your iPhone.
  2. Launch the app and tap the plus sign in the top right to put two pictures together on iPhone
  3. Type Select photos in the search field and tap on it.
  4. Tap on Select photos and turn on the toggle for Select Multiple. how to put two pictures together on iPhone
  5. Now search and select the Combine Images action.
  6. Then choose either the Horizontal or Vertical option. how to put two images on iPhone
  7. Skip the Spacing option if you don’t want space between images.
  8. Next, search and select Save To Photo Album action. merge images on iPhone - hacktoday
  9. At the top of the screen, tap Save To Photo Album to name the shortcut. how to put images together on iPhone -
  10. Tap the blue toggle next to it and select Add to Home Screen. combine images on iPhone -
  11. Now tap Add to complete the process. how to put two pictures together on iPhone
  12. Go to the Shortcuts app again and tap Done.
  13. Finally, tap X to save the actions performed.

How To Create Images Using Shortcut On iPhone

After creating a shortcut successfully, it’s time to put two pictures together on iPhone.

  1. Go to the recently created Shortcut on your home screen.
  2. Select two images and tap Add.
  3. Now you can see the combined photo in the gallery.

How To Put Two Pictures Together Using Third-Party Apps

The Apple store has several apps that can help you to combine two pictures. Here is a quick review and usage description of the best apps for this purpose.

1. PhotoGrid

Photo grid is a paid photo customization app. However, it gives a free three-day trial. You can take advantage of this feature for free. You can get the app from the App store.

  1. Search and install Photogrid on your iPhone.
  2. Sign in with your Gmail or Facebook account if you want to use the paid version.
  3. Now select the Grid option on your screen.
  4. Select the photos you want to combine ( up to 15 images).
  5. Adjust the picture sequence by tapping the image and selecting the swap option from the drop-down menu.
  6. Choose the grid where you want to go and tap the Border option to adjust.
  7. Select Next in the upper right corner.
  8. Here, select the file format and tap the Save option.

2. Cut Paste Photos Pro

It is another amazing photo-merging app but unfortunately, this is also a paid app. Like Photogrid, this app also gives a three-day free trial and is available on App Store.

  1. Go to the App store and install Cut paste Photos Pro.
  2. Launch the app and select the photo. You can also capture one.
  3. Tap the background icon on your screen.
  4. Now go to the gallery and select the photo you want to merge with the previous one.
  5. Select Done to finish the process.


Now that you know all the methods to put two pictures together on your iPhone, you can enjoy making before and after photo collages. The methods discussed above are authentic and tested. You can apply them and merge up to 15 pictures on one screen.

The best method to merge pictures is the Apple Shortcuts app. Elsewhere, you can also use third-party apps for this purpose. Hopefully, this article has helped you to know how to combine two pictures on iPhone.

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