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How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs To Your Playlist

Are you among the people who are tired of unwanted songs added to their playlists by Spotify? For sure you’re also in quest of how to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlist. Otherwise, why would you be reading this article in the first place? Well… you’ve come to the right place!

This article gives you an in-depth understanding of how Spotify works, why it’s adding songs to your playlist, and how to avoid unwanted songs in your playlist. But before heading right towards the solutions, let’s have a quick introduction to this app and its functioning.

A Quick Intro To Spotify And Its Functioning

Spotify is a platform that gives you access to a wide range of music, videos, and podcasts from all over the globe. This app pays the music creators money depending on how much their music tracks have been listened to.

Now dominating the globe, Spotify has earned a huge reputation due to the fact that it provides a high-quality user experience. Whatever you desire to listen to, it’s easily accessible on Spotify. That’s why people love Spotify.

You can stream music albums and create playlists of the songs you like. However, Spotify can add songs to your playlist that you didn’t save.  Also, there is an option of “we added”. Although it’s not a playlist you can save here the songs you like.

Spotify comes with two options; Premium and Free. The Premium plan has some added benefits as compared to the free version. But you can listen to songs and create playlists using the free version as well.

Frequent banner ads are one of its features that you might not like. The audio ads while listening to the songs may annoy you and spoil your enjoyment.

Why Does Spotify Keep Adding Songs To Playlist?

It takes keen observation and insight to detect why you are listening to songs in your playlist other than the ones you added. Luckily our team has performed the task successfully. All the probabilities of why songs are added to your playlist are given below.

Enhance Feature

Recently, Spotify has introduced a new feature to its mobile app users called “Enhance“. It serves the purpose of updating your playlists. With the blessing of this advanced feature, we keep getting added songs to our playlist. Spotify recognizes your listening patterns and adds songs based on your taste.

Free Version

Using the Spotify free version sounds like a good idea if you don’t want to spend money and still enjoy good music. But it has some drawbacks like limited access to features, showing frequent ads, and adding random songs to your playlist.

Less Than 15 Tracks

Spotify requires you to have at least 15 tracks saved on your playlist. Therefore, if the number of music tracks is less, you should expect Spotify to add more songs to your playlist.

Spotify Created Playlist

If you are listening to a playlist curated by Spotify itself, then you’ll see different songs being added and removed from the playlist. Spotify adds new songs to its playlist according to trends and your listening history.

How To Stop Spotify From Adding Songs To Playlist?

Where there is a problem, there must be a solution! The same applies to Spotify adding random songs to your playlist. You have to make some little adjustments to your Spotify account and you are good to go.

1. Disable the “Enhance” Feature

As we discussed above, the new update (Enhance) adds new songs based on your listening history. When you click the “Enhance” option at the top of every playlist, you’ll see a sparkle of green light where new songs are added. If you want to stop Spotify from adding songs, then tap on “Enhance” to turn it off.

  1. Go to the playlist where you want to stop the addition of new songs.
  2. You’ll see the “Enhance” feature at the top and turn the toggle off.

2. Get Spotify Premium

If you’re using the free Spotify version, it’s more likely to see added songs on your playlist. Also, you’ll see ads in the middle of music tracks. Spotify has a way of persuading users to switch to a premium version.  The premium memberships stop Spotify from adding songs along with some added benefits like Enhance, offline listening, no ads, improved audio quality, and showtime subscription.

3. Add More Songs

The playlists containing a number of tracks below 15 will get added songs by the Spotify app. To stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlist, you must add more songs to your playlist and fill that empty room. That way, there will be no need for the app to add songs to your playlist.

  1. Open Spotify and search for the track you want to add.
  2. Now tap the three dots below the music track name.

4. Disable Auto-play

Spotify’s auto-play feature is designed to add new songs to your playlist. If this option is turned on, a new song will be added to your playlist when the currently playing song is finished. Just turn this feature off to stop Spotify from adding new songs to your playlist.

  1. Click/tap the down arrow near your profile icon.
  2. Then tap on Settings.
  3. Here, toggle the Autoplay button off.

5. Create New Playlist

If none of the above methods has solved your problem then try creating a new playlist. maybe this way you’ll be able to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlist.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Now tap/click on New Playlist at the left corner of your screen.
  3. Give this playlist a name, a description, and an image (if you like).
  4. Finally, click/tap on Create.


Now enjoy uninterrupted music streaming on Spotify without any additional songs on your playlist. This article gives you all the techniques you can apply to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlist. Try disabling the “Enhance” feature on your app which is the number one cause of the addition of songs.

Secondly, you can switch to the premium version to avoid the addition of songs and enjoy advanced features. Hope this post helps you to get rid of additional songs on the Spotify playlist.

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