How To Turn Off SafeSearch On iPhone

Are you having a hard time getting the search results you want? Probably the SafeSearch option is turned ON in your operating system, which blocks certain content from appearing in Safari search results. You can easily get access to all content if you know how to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone.

In this article, you’ll come to know how to turn off SafeSearch on Safari iPhone. The methods to turn off SafeSearch are a bit different for Android and iOS. So you might struggle to find the SafeSearch settings on Google if you are new to iOS.

What Purpose Does SafeSearch Serve?

SafeSearch is a feature on your browser that allows you to block offensive and inappropriate content. It filters out your search results and suggestions. This helpful feature was first introduced by Google on November 11, 2009, which enabled users to add restrictions to google web and image searches.

How To Turn Off SafeSearch on Safari iPhone?

Have you changed your mind about restricting search content on Google? No worries! you can turn off SafeSearch on Google iPhone any time you want. Below are the methods to follow for turning off SafeSearch.

1. Turn Off SafeSearch Through iPhone Settings.

One way to turn off SafeSearch is through iPhone settings. As iPhone is supported by Safari, you can access Safari configurations through iPhone settings. If you want to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to iPhone Settings and select Screen Time. iphone settings-hacktoday
  2. Then tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions. ipne safesearch-hacktoday
  3. Now tap on Content Restriction. hacktoday
  4. Once here, choose Web Content. 
  5. Now you’ll see three options. Tick mark Unrestricted Access.safesearch iphonr-hacktoday

2. Turn Off SafeSearch On Googe Chrome

Unlike Safari, Google Chrome has SafeSearch settings inside the browser. This method is a lot easier than the one written above, as it includes fewer complex steps. All you have to do is access Google settings and there you can see the search filter options.

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
  2. Here you select Settings. google iphone-hacktoday
  3. Now You see the Hide explicit results option, tap on it. hide explicite content on google iphone-hacktoday
  4. Next, turn off the toggle for Hiding explicit results. safe search google iphone-hacktoday

3. Turning Off SafeSearch On Bing

The process to turn off the SafeSearch on Bing Browser is not much different from the Google Chrome browser. Go to Bing settings and there you’ll see the option on how to turn off the SafeSearch on iPhone using Bing.

  1. Open the Bing browser and tap on the three lines in the top right corner. Bing - hacktoday
  2. From here, choose the SafeSearch option. iphome safesearch bing - hacktoday
  3. Next, choose Off from the given three options and confirm your action by selecting Save.
  4. An age verification message pops up, and select Agree to complete the process.


How can I force Safe Search to turn off?

To turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone browser, you can use an extension that will help you remove the content restrictions. Disable SafeSearch is one such extension. Another way to turn off SafeSearch is to remove cookies from the browser.

Why can’t I turn off SafeSearch?

There are a few reasons that count for SafeSearch not turning off. Firstly, your account is set to “private” and only you can see the results. Secondly, the administrator has enabled the SafeSearch feature for all users on the network. If you’re using a public computer, it’s highly likely that the SafeSearch feature is turned on to prevent minors from watching explicit content.

Summing Up

Hopefully, this article added value and helped you with your quest for “how to turn off SafeSearch o iPhone.” Google Chrome and Bing have SafeSearch settings inside the browser. You can remove the content restriction any time you want through browser settings.

Turning off SafeSearch is easier than you think. Just go through the steps written in the article to see which method best suits you. The SafeSearch option is not accessible through the Safari browser. But you can see how to turn off the SafeSearch in iPhone settings.

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