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How to use Spoiler text and images on Discord

Discord lets you embellish your photographs, gifs, emojis, and more. Buy not many people are aware of the fact that they can use the Markdown option for formatting to create more amazing effects. All you need is to simply use different keyboard shortcuts on your system or smartphone.

The usage of discord spoiler tags is intended to signal to other users that you are about to provide information to them. This data may include spoilers for something else that they have not yet seen. Once this tag has been added, any subsequent users who see the material will only see a black or grey box superimposed on it.

How to do spoiler in discord

How to spoiler message in Discord?

The developers of Discord are aware of the importance of preserving the element of surprise when something is really meaningful to the user. As a result, they devised spoiler tags, which filter out any text that reveals plot twists or other important details about upcoming games, movies, or other media. When it comes to texts, adding a spoiler tag can be done in a few different methods. Consider the following two options, and then select the approach that best suits your needs in terms of difficulty.

1. Add spoiler tags by using markdowns

Utilizing markdown codes is one method you may use to add spoiler tags to the messages you send on Discord. Because it can be added while you are still typing out the text, this method is one of our favorites because it eliminates the need to leave the keyboard. Let’s find out how to add spoiler text in Discord.

  1. Type two vertical bars (shift + black slash) before your spoiler text.
  2. Type your words; don’t place a space between them.
  3. Type two vertical bars at the conclusion of your paragraph.
  4. Hit ‘enter‘ to submit your message with the spoiler tag.

2. Put a spoiler tag on it to indicate that it’s a spoiler

You can mark a message as a spoiler if you are looking for a way to provide a warning about anything to read in Discord that is different from the first option. The steps that need to be taken to complete this procedure are not too difficult:

  1. Highlight your Discord conversation message.
  2. To proceed, you must first select the eye icon located in the pop-up box.
  3. This function adds vertical bars to either side of the text you have selected.
  4. Hit enter to send the message, and the spoiler tag will appear.
  5. The spoiler tag will hide your text until someone clicks it.

How to spoiler an image on discord mobile?

You can submit spoiler photos via the iOS and Android Discord app.

  1. To accomplish this, start by opening the Discord app on your mobile device. Launch the app and navigate to the conversation in which you wish to share a spoiler image.
  2. Tap the “+” (plus) icon that is located in the bottom-left corner of the chat screen.
  3. Select the photograph you want to send from the gallery view that appears when you click the button. Keep your finger off the Send button for the time being. Instead, tap anywhere outside the image area to return to the chat screen.
  4. Simply tapping the linked photo will bring it up in its full size. Enable the “Mark as Spoiler” button that’s located beneath the photo.
  5. You have been brought back to the conversation panel. You have the option of entering the text that will accompany your image here. After that, you will need to touch the Send option to send your photo as a spoiler in the conversation you are currently having.
  6. When the image is delivered to the receiver, they will need to tap or click on the image in order to view it. Should they fail to do so, the image will not open for them.
  7. And this is how you may make sure that your pals do not wind up viewing spoilers that they are not supposed to see!

Using Spoilers for Uploaded Files

On Discord, files submitted can include spoiler tags. While you are uploading a file, such as a video, picture, or any other type of file, you have the option of marking it as a spoiler. The option to mark something as a spoiler in discord occurs just before the file is uploaded. However, browser versions and desktop applications of Discord are the only places where you may access this option. If you are using Discord from your mobile device, you will need to look at alternative ways to add spoiler tags. See if you can figure it out by following the instructions below:

  1. You can use the app in the browser if it’s not installed.  If not, log in to discord.
  2. Send a file via server DM or channel. Select Upload a File from the Plus + symbol in the new message field.
  3. Choose the video, image, or other files to send.
  4. Mark the file as a spoiler by clicking the box. Click Upload.
  5. Phone users can’t mark spoilers. Rename the file and Add “SPOILER_” to the filename.
  6. Now you can upload the file and send it on discord.


Here are some further responses to questions regarding the Spoiler Tags in Discord.

Is it possible to re-conceal a spoiler?

Yes. However, once something has been seen, it can never be unseen again. After clicking on a spoiler, you will need to go away from the channel and then back in before you can hide it. Unfortunately, after you have already shown a spoiler, clicking on it won’t have any effect. Return to the channel you were previously viewing after selecting a different server or channel from one of the menus on the left. As soon as you enter the discussion, you’ll notice that the spoiler has been concealed once more.

Can I disable spoilers for others?

No! You’ll only be able to deactivate spoilers for your own account if you do so. Even moderators and administrators are unable to turn off spoilers for all users. Keep in mind that the only versions of Discord—the browser version and desktop app — that allow you to disable spoilers.

Is it possible for me to attach a spoiler tag on a hyperlink?

Yes! You can mark a link that you are sharing as a spoiler if the link leads to the conclusion of your favorite cut scene or television show from your preferred video game.

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