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How To View Your Google Chrome Saved Passwords

You have saved passwords in Google Chrome, and now you want to change those but don’t know how to view your Google Chrome saved passwords. No worries, in this article, we’ll tell you how to view the Chrome saved passwords and delete those if not needed.

Why There is a Need To Save Passwords in Google Chrome?

Saving credentials in your browser is convenient, a good safety habit as well as a bandage for a much larger problem.

  • The best way to stay safe online is to have unique, strong, and long passwords for each account. Hence, memorizing those lengthy passwords is nigh impossible, ultimately you need to save them.
  • Moreover, it is tough to remember passwords and recall them when you need them. This is why saving your credentials in Chrome or using a password manager tool is a nice choice.

Why There is a Need To View Google Chrome Saved Passwords?

Sadly, your browser’s saved passwords are sometimes insecure. It is because:

  • Many browsers can allow anybody with physical or remote access to your system to see all of your saved passwords when you accept cookies.
  • In addition to that, sometimes you visit an insecure site that can give alarming data security notifications.

In both cases, you need to view the saved passwords to change them immediately, creating a more strong one. Hence, there are simple solutions for those who need authentication to view their saved chrome passwords.

How To View Your Google Chrome Saved Passwords

Follow these steps to view your Chrome saved passwords:

  1. Click the three dots in the top corner of the Google Chrome web browser.
  2. From the drop-down box, go to Settings.
  3. To use the Chrome password manager, go over to the Autofill menu and select Passwords.
  4. A series of saved passwords will show up, each with the site and login associated with it. The sections display a sequence of dots by default.
  5. Click the eye next to a password to see what it is.
  6. Based on your platform, you may now be requested to provide the login and password. The credentials you picked will be displayed in text format once you’ve successfully authenticated.
  7. Now, tap the Eye icon a second time to cover it once again.

How to Find Saved Passwords in Chrome Older Versions

If you have a Windows password configured for your Windows user profile, you will need to remember it before you can access them.

  1. Launch the Chrome web browser.
  2. At the upper corner of the window, click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon.
  3. To see data for your login or make changes to settings in most Chrome versions, you will need to select an icon in the top right corner. However, the icon has changed slightly throughout time and is now a succession of three dots.
  4. Select Settings from the menu.
  5. Select the Show advanced settings link by scrolling down a bit.
  6. Press the blue Manage passwords to link under the Passwords and form part of the menu.
  7. A password list that you have saved will appear.
  8. Now, you can pick one of the saved passwords by clicking it and then see it by clicking the Show button.
  9. To delete it, click x.

Because website credentials are saved directly to the browser, a credential saved in Google Chrome may or may not be remembered in another browser, such as Opera.

How to View Chrome Saved Passwords on Your Google Account

If you are logged in to a Google Account, the credentials you have stored to Google Chrome are also saved to your Google Account. These Google passwords are similar to the Chrome password listing, only that you can log in to your Google Account from any machine and retrieve them if you forget your login.

  1. Open one of the Google apps, such as Gmail or Google Docs.
  2. Choose Manage your Google Account from your personal symbol in the top-right corner.
  3. On the left side of the window, click the Security tab.
  4. Select Password Manager from the drop-down menu.
  5. A password can be found by clicking or searching.
  6. Your Google Account password may then be requested.
  7. To see the password, select the eye icon beside it.

How To View Your Chrome Saved Passwords on Your Android and iOS Device

To view your saved Chrome passwords on an iOS or Android, follow the below steps:

    1. Tap the three dots in the top corner of Chrome.
    2. Choose Settings.
    3. Select your passwords.
    4. A set of saved passwords, together with their respective website and log-in, will display. Select the password you want to see.
    5. To see the password, press the eye. You might be prompted to enter your phone’s passcode or verify with your Face ID or fingerprint.
    6. The password chosen will be shown after successful authentication.
    7. Touch the eye icon a second time to cover it once more.

Another Way to Get Access to Saved Chrome Passwords

Once you’ve understood the settings menu in Chrome, you’ll be able to memorize where the password list is kept, as well as how to adjust many of the other options.

By typing keywords into the URL bar at the top, you can view and adjust options in Chrome. This navigational technique will take us to the same password page that we got by going via the Settings menu in the previous sections. To use this approach:

  1. Go to Chrome > Settings > passwords.
  2. Now type it into the address bar at the top of Chrome, in a new and existing tab.
  3. By selecting the eye icon to the right of a password, you can see it.
  4. If you no longer want Chrome to try to save different passwords, switch this off.
  5. Google Chrome will start filling in credentials for sites where you have permitted it to keep usernames, email accounts, and passwords if this option is enabled.
  6. You will see the address entered in the address bar if you return to the password section by clicking the Customize and manage Chrome box and then clicking Settings.

Ultimately, the addresses for those sites will appear if you choose other options in the Settings menu. While knowing and inputting those locations may not be the fastest approach to finding out, understanding how to look at passwords on Chrome is critical in terms of phases.


How to delete saved passwords on Chrome?

To access saved passwords in the browser window, go to Settings, then Autofill, then Passwords. Now choose Remove from the More menu (three vertical dots). Choose More (three horizontal dots) > Settings > Passwords on the phone application. Click Edit, then Delete at the bottom of the screen after tapping the password.

How does Chrome sync and save passwords?

Whether you wish to keep and use your credentials across devices determines how Chrome stores them.

How do I remove all of my saved Chrome passwords?

Chrome doesn’t have a handy way to erase all of your saved passwords right away. However, the only way is you have to clear them one by one in the desktop browser or on the phone app.

How to get alerts to change your passwords?

If you’re using a login and password combo that has been exploited in a privacy breach on a third-party site or app, Chrome may send you an alert. Even though they’ve been released publicly, leaked password and login combos are risky.

Thus, any compromised credentials should be changed as soon as possible. You can use Chrome to reset your username on the site where you used it and check your stored passwords for any other sites where the login may have been saved. Chrome ensures that your credentials are safe from prying eyes.

Important: To receive these alerts, you should be logged in to Chrome.

To enable or disable notifications, go to:

  1. Launch Chrome on your system.
  2. Select More and then Settings on the upper right side.
  3. Choose Security, then Privacy and Security.
  4. Select Standard protection.
  5. Turn to Warn you on or off if your credentials are stolen in a security breach.

Note: Please keep in mind that this feature is only accessible if you have the “Safe Browsing” setting enabled.


Hence, all things considered, this article has given you all the necessary information about how to view your Google Chrome saved passwords.

Thus, knowing what to do when you need to retrieve the passwords you have saved for your login details will save you a lot of time and stress. Whether you’re using the chrome/settings/passwords method in the address bar or you’re browsing from the menu in the desktop browser, both will work!

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