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How to Install Opera Browser on Kali Linux

How to Install Opera Browser on Kali Linux – opera is a software for web browsing. Opera is one of the advanced software for Internet browsers. Using this opera we can read and send electronic mail (e-mail), browse search for some information, blogging, downloading, etc. The development of Opera Software is in Oslo, Norwegia.

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The opera can be run in multiplatform, that is Microsoft Windows, Mac, OS X, Linux, Solaris, and FreeBSD. And now, Opera is available for mobile in Android.

The features of Opera Browser are:

  • Speed Dial. Your favorite site can be accessed directly with one click.
  • Trash. We can reopen the last tab which closed instantly.
  • Search Shortcut. The Opera browser provides a search shortcut.
  • Mouse Gestures. With the Opera Browser, you can control a navigation website with a mouse device.
  • Opera Link. Online data synchronization.
  • Quick Find. Opera browser does not remember just from title and URL address, but it remembers the content of the website which your visit.
  • Feed Preview. Available a feed column in some layouts.
  • Quick and customizable web search. We can choose to search a keyword using some option search engines, like Google, eBay, Bing, Amazon, etc.
  • And many more features of Opera Browser which useful for you.

First Download Opera Package

Download Opera:

How to Install Opera Browser on Kali Linux

After downloading we have to install that package.

 dpkg -i opera*.deb

How to Install Opera Browser on Kali Linux

And Done!

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