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14 Ways To Fix Microphone Not Working On Google Meet

In this article, we are going to suggest you a number of ways to fix the microphone not working on Google Meet for both Windows and Mac.

Microphone Not Working On Google Meet

After analyzing the root causes of this problem, I have compiled a list of quick fixes that can help you get rid of the microphone not working issue. You can apply the fixes one by one to see which one best suits your device.

1. Unmute On Google Meet

If you are not heard in a meeting then check if you have muted yourself. Sometimes, we accidentally mute our microphones. Look for the red-colored icon with a slash at the bottom.

Unmute On Google Meet

Click on it to unmute yourself. You can also check the microphone status on the Google Meet preview pane before joining a meeting.

Moreover, your microphone will automatically mute if you join a meeting after at least five participants have already joined. Another reason could be that the host mutes you. In both cases only you can unmute yourself

2. Provide Access To The Microphone

You may have accidentally denied access to your microphone when the browser prompted you to allow access to the microphone. It is necessary to allow access to the microphone for its normal functioning. Each browser has a different procedure.

Google Chrome And Microsoft Edge Chromium

  • Click the padlock-shaped icon on the left corner of the address bar.
  • Now set the microphone to Allow.


  1. On your Mac, choose the Apple menu.
  2. Now go to System Preferences.
  3. Once here, click on Security & privacy.
  4. Now select Microphone.
  5. Select the Checkbox next to Google Meet to allow access to the microphone.


  1. Click the padlock-shaped icon on the left side of the address bar.
  2. Now, remove the Blocked Temporarily restriction.

3. Provide microphone access to the browser

If the microphone issue did not get fixed by the above methods, there is the possibility that your browser may be preventing access. Built-in privacy settings of Windows and Mac prevent access to the microphone due to security issues. See if that is the case.

On Windows

  1. Go to Windows settings.
  2. Click on Privacy.
  3. Then click on Microphone.
  4. Now, turn the switch On under “Allow apps to access your microphone”.
  5. Scroll down to ensure that the switch under “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” is also set to On.

On The Mac

  1. First, go to the Apple menu.
  2. Then, go to System Preferences.
  3. Click on Security and Privacy.
  4. Once here, select Microphone.
  5. Now, make sure that the box next to your preferred web browser is checked.

4. Select Prefered Microphone

Another reason for your microphone not working on Google Meet may be the multiple audio peripherals connected to your PC or Mac. Google Meet may use the computer’s built-in microphone. In that case, you need to specify the exact microphone you want the web app to use.



  1. Click Settings on the Google Meet menu.
  2. Under the Audio tab, Select the microphone you want it to use.
  3. Click Done to save it.

5. Check Microphone Input Level

If the input level is too low, your device fails to capture your voice. Make sure that the input level is set to a high range. However, the process is different for PC and Mac

On The Mac

Check Microphone Input Level

  1. Click on System Preference, via the Apple menu.
  2. Here you need to select Sound.
  3. Now switch to the Input tab.
  4. Ensure the Microphone is enabled.
  5. Adjust the volume slider accordingly (changes will save automatically).

On The PC

  1. Go to Windows Settings app.
  2. Once here, click on the System.
  3. Then click on the Sounds.
  4. Now click Sound Control Panel under Related Settings.
  5. Switch to the Recording tab and select your Microphone and click Properties.
  6. Finally, move the slide under Microphone to a higher input level (make sure that the icon next to it is not muted).

6. Restart Web Browser

Sometimes, simply restarting your browser can fix the issue like the microphone not working. It clears the cache, restarts background extensions, and fixes other background issues. Try quitting and relaunching the browser and then rejoin the meeting. It is a simple process and the steps are almost the same for both, PC and Mac.

For Chrome

  1. Just type the command ‘chrome://restart’ in a new tab.
  2. Then press Enter to launch the browser with all tags still intact.

On The Mac

However, if you are restarting your browser on the Mac, make sure to quit the browser via the menu bar before launching it.

7. Restart PC Or Mac

If restarting your Browser did not help to fix the microphone not working issue, then try restarting your PC or Mac. The old-fashioned way of fixing the technical issues is still the best way to get rid of minor technical glitches. Your device closes all programs, allowing itself to start afresh. It installs any awaiting updates and your system will be more optimized and starts running better than before. Nothing could be more effective and simple than restating your PC or Mac.

On The Mac

  1. On your screen, you will see an Apple icon at the top left corner.
  2. Hit Restart in the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. The computer will shut down and restart automatically after a few moments.

On The PC

  1. First, you need to click the  Start button at the lower-left corner of your screen.
  2. Choose the Power icon.
  3. When you click the power button, you will have options to put your computer to sleep, restart it, or power it down.
  4. Click on Restart.

8. Troubleshoot Microphone (Windows)

Windows 10 built-in troubleshooter can fix microphone-related issues. Don’t know how to do this? No worries! We are here to guide you. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go To Settings > System > Sound.
  2. Scroll down to access the Input section.
  3. Choose your microphone from the input device and tap the Troubleshoot.

9. Release Microphone (Mac)

Sometimes your microphone is used by some other apps or browser extensions. In that case, you may experience a microphone not working on your Mac. You can easily fix this problem by following these steps. First, you need to leave an ongoing Google meeting.

  1. Open Terminal (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal) and type in the command below:
    “sudo killall coreaudiod”.
  2. Press Enter and insert your Mac’s login password.
  3. Now, restart your Mac and rejoin the meeting.

10. Use Google Meet In Chrome

You need a browser to operate google meet. Although, it works on all major browsers like Firefox, Safari, and chrome. It works best when used through chrome. It is because Google’s products work best when used with google chrome.

If none of the above-listed methods have helped you fix the microphone not working issue on your Windows or Mac, try using Google chrome. At least for Google Meet. However, Microsoft Edge can also be used as an alternative.

11. Update Audio Driver

If your audio driver is outdated or incompatible, you may face issues with your microphone’s normal functioning. Just updating your audio drivers alone can fix so many audio-related problems. It is highly advised to update your audio drivers if the microphone is not working on Google Meet. You have two options for updating, automatic and manual.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu and search Device manager.
  2. Click Sound, video, and game controllers.
  3. Then right-click your sound card and click Properties.
  4. Navigate to the Driver tab.

Check your driver’s date and version with the current driver available for your sound card. If they match, then you’re already updated. If not, you should update your audio driver as soon as possible.

12. Check Hardware Switch

Some headphones that come with a mic or stand-alone mics have an On/Off switch. Check if it’s turned Off. In case it is off, then turn it on and the mic should start working. If you are using a headset mic then it’s possible that the wire may be damaged. You need to inspect your headset thoroughly to detect the issue that’s causing the microphone issue in Google Meet.

13. Set Up A Mic

Some mics, particularly stand-alone mics need to be set up.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Ease of excess.
  3. Here you have to click Set up a Microphone under Speech Recognition.
  4. Follow the steps and set up the mic.

14. Check Audio App

If there is any audio app installed on your device, then you should check it. Sometimes, the mic is disabled in the audio apps and you do not even know. If that is the case then foreshore you are going to face a microphone not working on the Google Meet issue. The audio app may be Dell or Realtek app. It depends on op the drivers installed and the manufacturer of your system. Here is how to access it.

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Now, go to Hardware and Sound.
  3. Here you can check the audio app.


There could be many reasons why your microphone is not working in Google Meet. However, after a thorough analysis, I have compiled a long list of fixes you can try to resolve this issue. I hope any of these solutions apply to your Windows or Mac.

Syeda Maryam Gilani

Maryam Gilani is a technology lover. Her interest in IT, games, and CS inspires her to write tech articles. If not writing, you can find her reading technology-related content and exploring more about the digital world.

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