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Nvidia Data Stolen By Hackers After Ransomware Attack

It comes across as a great concern once you find out a tech giant has fallen victim to a cyberattack. Just last week, reports revealed that NVIDIA, the GPU manufacturer had been hacked. Thus, the data that belonged to NVIDIA was at risk of being compromised.

A spokesperson from the company came forward to the press and gave their statement. “We are aware that the threat actor took employee credentials and some Nvidia proprietary information from our systems and has begun leaking it online.”

Hackers Leaking NVIDIA’s Data

However, Nvidia did not elaborate on what the hackers took from its computer systems. Although, it is evident it must have been sensitive data. Interestingly enough, a ransomware organization claimed credit on Telegram for hacking the multi-billion-dollar company.

The group, dubbed “LAPSUS$,” went on to claim they gained access to Nvidia’s systems for around a week. Additionally, they took 1TB of data from the company. According to the narrator, they grabbed the most crucial documents, such as schematics, drivers, and firmware.

To keep Nvidia’s files from becoming public, the collective is demanding a cryptocurrency ransom. Moreover, to threaten NVIDIA that if the company did not contact them, they would release “A full LHR V2 (GA102-GA104)”.

The corporation has yet to contact the hacker group, according to the report. As per the article, Nvidia is unlikely to contact them. Last week there was an attack on the Colonial Pipeline. As a result, the Biden administration has warned businesses to not engage in any dealings with hackers.

About LAPUS$

According to LAPSUS$, they chose to help the mining and gaming community. They want NVIDIA to make an update for all 30 series firmware that removes every 1-hour limit. Otherwise, they may release the hw folder. The cybergroup also provided the tech company with a downloadable link to fulfil their demands.

Nvidia is looking into the information that was taken. According to a security analyst, some researchers believe the gang operates from South America. However, there is no concrete news regarding this. So far, they appear unprofessional, which could indicate that the people responsible have no formal experience within the hacking domain.

Moreover, the incident took place a day before Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Thus, many people assume that there is a link between these two attacks. However, NVIDIA was quick to respond regarding this. For clarification, there is no proof that there is a connection between the Russia-Ukraine war, and a cybercrime group attacking the company.

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