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Tap To Load Snap Prank – Use It Against Your Friends!

Snapchat is full of amazing filters and settings however, one of its most enjoyable “features” is the famous “tap to load” snap prank. If you’re using social media apps with family members or friends, odds are that you’ve played pranks on each other before.

When you send a snap, the picture auto-downloads and the person sees it immediately. It’s a great way of sending photos and videos quickly, but it can also be used to play the prank of tapping to load. Read the article til the end to find out more about Snapchat tap to load prank.

Tap To View Snap

As you all were exhausted of those long grips on snaps to view, many users complain about this. So Snapchat took notice of this and introduced a new feature tap to view Snapchat.

Now you don’t have to watch those “tap to load” options on your screens. You just have to click on “tap to view” and you can view snaps without any delay. It’s a relief to Snapchat users. Snapchat - Hacktoday

The Snapchat tap-to-view feature allows you to simply dab on the screen and watch videos, images, and stories without continuously pressing on it. You don’t have to wait for a better internet connection to view snaps.

How To Prank Your Friends With ‘Tap To Load’ on Snapchat?

Have you ever faced a bad internet connection and kept on trying to open a snap by pressing the “tap to load” option? It has happened to all of us. The internet took advantage of this and used it as a prank. It’s a fun way to offend your friends and family.

Snapchat provides its users with entertainment time. As you all know, Snapchat’s loading screen prank is very widespread nowadays. You can prank your friends and family with this new Snapchat characteristic. Take a single picture saying “tap to view” as it will make them suspicious and they might think of their poor internet connection.

You can assure them by sending some messages with this snap. It will be a fun activity. You have to make sure that your friends know about your personality so prank them according to your attitude. With this alternative, you don’t have to wait to prank someone physically, you can also do an online prank. 

Other Upgrades In Snapchat

Snapchat provides its users with some more upgrades to make Snapchat a better version app.

Two-factor authentication

It has introduced a two-factor authentication option which you need to apply now. Snapchat has introduced this for your security and privacy concerns. This feature makes your account even more protected and secure. tap to view snap - Hacktoday

Add Nearby Friends

In addition to this, Snapchat has also instructed a new thing to add nearby friends. Through this, you can hang out and make a group with your close friends. Now you don’t have to search for your friends in the search box. tap to view snap - hacktoday

Selfies In Center Of Snap Score

Last, the upgrade of Snapchat for its stoners is an addition of a selfie in the center of your snap code. It gives you an identity that makes it easy for other people to recognize you and add you as a friend on Snapchat. Hacktoday


In this post, I have talked about Snapchat’s new amazing features that are launched for their convenience. You can relish the tap to view snap characteristics and can say goodbye to holding your fingers on the screen. In this post, all the qualities of this feature are discussed in detail.

We have also talked about some new additions that Snapchat has offered to us e.g two-factor authentication, adding nearby friends, and adding a selfie to your snap code.

Hopefully, this information has provided you with all the benefits and you rely on this every time in the future.

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