These Are The 4 Best Crypto Screeners of 2022

Trying to find out which cryptocurrency will be a profitable investment is critical information before you enter the field of crypto. The crypto business sees over 10,000 cryptos being exchanged every day. Therefore, to analyze which crypto is suitable for you to invest in, you can use tools, such as crypto screeners.

Traders use crypto screeners to find the finest trading possibilities. Thus, saving them the time and effort of personally studying each currency and tracking its trajectory. To filter out the cryptos, you can utilize a variety of criteria which we will mention down below as the best crypto screeners one can use.


Coinmarketcap is one of the most popular crypto screening sites available on the net. With over 300 million active users, it is the most widely used cryptocurrency price tracking resource on the Internet.

It has a friendly user interface and a variety of features that enable it to be a versatile platform. It can also be used as a screening tool with a lot of features. You may sort coins using filters such as price, algorithm, and so on.

You may also sort the coins by the categories they belong to. For example, price change %, market cap, volume, circulating supply, etc.

Additionally, coinmarketcap has the largest selection of coins, housing over 16000 crypto coins. Not only that, but it also provides relevant information regarding them. For example, the trends regarding their prices, and much more.


DYOR is a new cryptocurrency screener created specifically for traders who trade derivatives such as futures and options. By evaluating each symbol, DYOR is a powerful tool that can evaluate Binance, and spot markets. This tool can also save you time by assisting you in identifying typical chart patterns.

It has over 150 technical indicators to help you select currencies that fit your trading strategy. You can sort specific coins that have recently had a golden crossing, or a hidden divergence.

Moreover, DYOR hosts a variety of additional features as well that allow you to create a custom experience. You can give these filters your own personal preference. By doing so you develop your personal powerful screening tool that analyzes the marketplace. Thus, as a result, it provides you with coins that match your specific strategy.

DYOR also offers a premium feature for its users. The premium edition of the crypto screener puts you one step ahead of the competition. It allows its users to store and reuse their searches and allows them to perform multi-line searches. Through this, your approach will experience pinpoint accuracy in terms of characterization.


LunarCrush is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency screener that sorts currencies by social interaction. It is a social intelligence-based crypto screener that uses real-time social insights and market analytics to assist you to make smart investment decisions.

The cryptosphere is such a manipulative environment, due to influencers wielding so much power over a coin’s next move. Hence, it makes sense to use social analytics to forecast a coin’s next pump.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all method or plan when it comes to investing. LunarCrush gives you access to data and information that is only available to professionals. This allows you to develop your own tactics for finding and investing in cryptocurrencies more strategically.

Furthermore, LunarCrush hosts various features that are unique to it. It employs many unusual filters and metrics, such as social volume, social connection, content volume, and social contributors. Through these, it is able to forecast future price fluctuations.


Messari is another crypto screening tool that is beneficial to both newbies and seasoned crypto investors. It contains over one hundred complex filters and offers a wealth of detailed information in an easy-to-read style.


Messari provides charts that display several elements of a coin. It takes into account significant metrics such as one-hour range, 24-hour range, volume, current market value, all-time high/low, and more.

The profile page also contains a wealth of information on the coin, including its history and the principles that support it. Additionally, Messari displays a number of metrics and data regarding its coins through a chart area.

Through Messari, investors, executives, and developers swiftly learn about new projects and uncover hidden market potential.

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