Ukraine has started using Clearview AI Technology to track Russian Invaders

On Sunday, 13 March, the Ukraine Defence ministry started using Clearview AI technology for facial recognition. Russia adopted this after the US startup offered to uncover Russian attackers, combat the false information, and recognize the dead.

For more assistance, The CEO of Clearview, Hoan Ton-That offered the US company to help Kyiv regarding the Russian Attack. 

“Ukraine has now free access to the Clearview AI’s powerful web search tools for faces recognition, allowing specialists possibly to vet individuals of interest at checkpoints, considering other uses free of cost”, added Lee Wolosky, an adviser to Clearview and former representative under U.S. presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Many Western countries pledged to Russia in assisting with cybersecurity tools, or some Internet Hardware. But Russia didn’t get the same assistance of AI Technology which calls out war, a special military operation, said Clearview.  

Of the total 10 billion database images available at Kontakte, a Russian social network, Clearview grabbed over 2 billion photos. This database is enough for flagging Russian people. Moreover, it can assist Russia to recognize the dead through fingerprint identification, and promulgation on the web.

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also granted the organization a patent in January for utilizing freely accessible information. That includes new sites, social media profiles, and mugshots. Hence, this is helpful to coordinate comparative media and images for a restrictive recognition algorithm. 

“Clearview’s technology could be utilized to rejoin displaced people isolated from their families, recognize Russian agents and assist the public authority with exposing bogus news on social media related to war,” said Ton-That. 

Despite that, he also said that the use of the AI Algorithm is not much clear and perfect. However, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry is trying to deploy Clearview AI and provide training for use of technology in near future. 

Javeria Bukhari

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