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Fix: Why your Instagram Messages Blacked Out?

Just like any other app, Instagram also gives errors and glitches occasionally. Blacked-out messages on Instagram have got the users scratching their heads.

This error is unlike any other error. It’s quite annoying and almost unfixable. People struggle to fix this error because these blacked-out messages are due to a technical error within the app.

However, Hack Today gives you some tricks and workaround, like always, to tackle this problem. Let’s dive deep into this topic and figure out a solution together.

Instagram Offending Errors

Many Instagram users have reported issues with the app over the past few days. Some claim that anytime they attempt to add a story, an error message reading “unable to use filter” appears. And now, many of them are complaining that Instagram messages have a black bar.

Reasons For Instagram Blacked Out Messages?

Instagram DMs not working error is caused by a server issue. You don’t have to worry about your WiFi connection or mobile data.

Hacks To Help You Read Instagram Blacked Out Messages

Furthermore, Android and iPhone users are facing this error alike. The following are some potential causes of the glitch:

  • Server Downtime
  • Application Glitch
  • Instagram update

How To Fix Instagram Blacked-Out Messages Error?

The bugs or glitches causing blacked-out messages are happening at the backend. Therefore, you can’t fix them using your phone’s settings or in-app settings. Yet, we’ve figured out some hacks to make those blacked-out messages readable.

1. Turn On Dark Mode

When you turn on the dark mode, it changes the screen color. Hence, you’ll be able to read the blacked-out messages. This clever trick works, and you should try this before heading to the complex fixes.

Whether you use an iPhone or an Android, we got you all covered. Follow the steps below to turn on dark mode.

On iPhone

  1. Unlock your phone.
  2. Launch the Settings App.Instagram blacked-out messages
  3. Go to Display and Brightness.
  4. Turn on the Dark mode.Instagram blacked-out messages

Now you will be able to read the Instagram DMs.

On Android

  1. Unlock your mobile phone.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Select the Display.
  4. Turn on the Dark Mode.

2. Check For Instagram Down Server

As we discussed above, these blacked-out messages are caused by the Instagram backend, and the company can only fix them. These technical errors include server downtime.

When the Instagram server is down or under maintenance, you’ll probably see abrupt errors like the black screen when you open the messages.

How to check the server status?

You can either track Instagram’s server status from a website named “Downdetector” or go to Instagram’s official Twitter page for the latest updates on server status.

3. Look For New Instagram Update

We all know updates are meant to add new features to the app for users’ convenience. But things go wrong sometimes. The update meant to improve your experience can also cause carry glitches like the blacked-out messages.

If you started seeing these black screens after installing an update, it’s due to that update. In such a situation, waiting for the next Instagram update is the only way out. If it’s available right now, consider yourself lucky. You got the problem solved!

4. Look For Bug In Instagram App

The black bar on the messages might appear due to the bug in the Instagram from the server. In this case, you must wait until the Instagram team fixes the server issues.

5. Contact Instagram Support

Instagram never leaves its consumers alone in trouble. The Instagram support team is always there to help you. In case non of the above methods work for you, you are welcome to contact the support team. How? Follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Instagram App on your phone.
  2. Tap on the profile icon below in the lower right corner.Instagram blacked out mesages-hacktoday
  3. Select the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  4. Choose the Settings from the list.
  5. Select the Help option.Instagram messages blacked out
  6. Tap on Help > Report a problem.Instagram messages blacked out
  7. Next, you’ll see the “Go back and shake phone” option. Tap it and go back to where you saw the problem.Instagram messages blacked out
  8. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process. You can also proceed with the “Report problem without shaking” option.


The Instagram blacked-out messages error is caused by a technical issue within the app or the server. There is no way you can fix this. However, you can apply some hacks to make these blacked-out messages readable.

Turing on the dark mode helps to improve text readability by changing your screen color. The last update could be the cause of the error. Look for a new update and get this error eradicated.

If no method works for you, feel free to contact the Instagram support team. You can also get our assistance by sharing your problem in the comments. Thank you for reading!

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